Operation Global Media Domination: Technorati: for when your life just isn’t random enough



This has gone far enough.

So I was teaching a blogging class on Saturday, and we were talking about blog promotion and linking and, naturally, I showed them Technorati. And, naturally, I checked this blog on Technorati.

As one does.

And it had gone up by a couple of hundred places, after having been dreadfully stagnant for a few weeks.

And there was much rejoicing.

And I happened to check it earlier today as well. Just because. I sometimes enjoy checking Technorati. It’s healthy. It’s what normal people do. It’s not obsessive at all.

And I had lost three thousand, two hundred places.

And there was a darkness over the face of the sun, and the gnashing of teeth.

And I happened to check Technorati again two hours later. It’s normal. It’s healthy. We covered this, okay?

And I had gone up four thousand, nine hundred places.

9 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: Technorati: for when your life just isn’t random enough

  1. In the space of a single hour yesterday I lost nearly ten thousand places and gained ten thousand four hundred! With unchanged “authority”! Yea verily, the teeth were gnashed and the sack cloth and ashes were applied with much wailing and a quaffable Port was quaffed.

  2. You are using Pingoat.com aren’t you? I dont’ think Pingomatic is working well at all lately.

    Sgtbenc, just keep at it. I’ve been doing this since 2002. The single best thing you can do to GET links is to give them out. It’s not uncommon for me to do a dozen links in a single post. And never link to Wikipedia: they just don’t care. Link to smaller sites and personal blogs, because those people care, and they check you out.

  3. Engtech was at the top 5000, and he highly advocates giving up on them entirely. He changed his blog’s front page to a static page and dropped something like 300,000 places. But what are you gonna do? It’s the only thing out there: Techmeme is so technology-blog based that it’s virtually worthless unless you are one of the 5% or so of bloggers who are actually tech bloggers.

    And if you don’t post daily and aren’t already A-list, you will never conquer Technorati. As I’ve said before, the single best way to get links is to give them out, and I don’t see that on your blog. It’s not Technorati-friendly.

  4. Raincoaster, I let them ruin my day this way a couple of times now. I see new links that technorati doesn’t. Sometimes it goes the other way. I’m like those people working at Microsoft during the 1990s who obsessively checked the company stock price every few minutes, I guess. Except without the money.

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