Winona Ryder sex tape shocker! Watch the video here

You’ve heard about it. Now you can watch it right here on the ol’ raincoaster blog, but be warned: Winona Ryder is just a little “unconventional,” however enthusiastic she may be. Okay, she’s crazy.

I don’t think that ventriloquist’s dummy knew what hit him!

via Defamer and HollywoodTuna

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16 thoughts on “Winona Ryder sex tape shocker! Watch the video here

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  2. My god those things frighten me, but I laugh uncontrollably at the thought of ventriloquists!

    True story Rain. I work for one a well known finance company in the US. When I was 19 and only part time there, I mistakenly replied to the Company President (the dreaded “reply” instead of “forward” noob mistake) to an email announcing the promotion of several managers.

    I inserted a picture of a Chinese American ventriloquist and his girl puppet that he worked with, and had drawn a comment balloon out of the guy’s mouth that said somthing like “Jesus H. Christ, shit’s done changed ’round here!”

    Later that day I get a call from his office. His secretary totally f’d with me and said that they were preparing to terminate me. In the end she said she was just joking and that everyone there had a good laugh over my faux pas. The pres just wanted me to be careful next time I sent an email.

    I think my heart rate was up 500% by then.

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