The Mark Lisanti Memorial Unicorn Post

sad unicorn

Sad unicorn has a sad


Dignified Mark Lisanti Memorial Unicorn


Dignified Unicorn is Dignified, Inconsolable


Deadly Mark Lisanti Memorial Unicorn


Deadly Unicorn is working through the stages of grief

Unicorn Skeleton

Ded Alicorn pulls a Jeremy Blake


Want to know what this is about? Click here. Or here. Or here for background.

Never let it be said that I failed to give myself the linkie luv.


Moar postes cummin as soon as A) the computer stops crashing, B) I get the Ayyy post done, and C) WordPress stops stripping out my P tags, dammit.

Do I have to take this to Valleywag again, people?

30 thoughts on “The Mark Lisanti Memorial Unicorn Post

  1. True, but I stripped it off the computer. I’m just lazy and need to set up this server, but I’m afraid if I start pulling cables out of this braindead Commodore 64 I’ll never get back online again.

    However sad I may be, I just applied for Mark’s job. See? Ruthless, tasteless, childish…could I be any more perfect for Hollywood?

  2. Ah, I’m talking about Defamer. Having publicly embarrassed on Valleywag, I doubt I’m really in the pool of candidates they’d consider at WordPress. As far as I know, WP Mark isn’t going anywhere, and if he did I don’t think I’d be as unicorny as I am here.

  3. I only saw the baboon ass Valentine. Did they get engaged in the comments over there?

    I’m feeling far too emo and cranky to post anything heartwarming. I nearly posted NOVEMBER RAIN FOR FUCK’S SAKE. The combination of not getting paid on payday and losing the best blogger in the entire world is just too much for one day. I don’t even have any booze to drown my sorrows in!

  4. I’m giving them till tomorrow before I email. They’ve never been late before.

    But I also had two paying clients for my freelancing bail at the last minute this week. It’s a very lean week, and this does not take me to my happy place. When I DO get paid, I’m going off this bloody diet and getting myself a nice big vat of premium gin and I’m crawling inside and not coming out for days.

    Which reminds me, I should go back and finish that quiz of yours. I think I passed out at #14.

  5. You came back and finished it. Drunk as he// :)

    I have a pic of a shaved penguin for you I found. Not quite for the forum, pretty sure it’s ok for you here. I guess I’ll find out real, real good soon enough ;)

    cheer u up maybe :)

  6. Thank you. It does, actually.

    I can’t believe that hysterical little twat deleted the blog. And just watch, this is going to be my fault. At least he got his ass handed to him over the tags and won’t be doing that again.

  7. EE tell me you really did apply for the Defamer job. If you did I am keeping everything crossed for you!

    Are your ears burning?


  8. Yes, I really applied for the Defamer job, although I think I forgot to point them to the mummified fairy post, which has over 700 comments. Comment-inciting skills are good. If I get it I shall be thrilled to the very core of my being, if for no other reason than the vast cross-linkage potential!
    (I kid, I kid!)

  9. And I appreciate it. Say hi to everyone and apologize for me. This computer of mine can’t handle much anymore, so it takes me 14 hours to get my work done…doesn’t leave as much time for saying hi and reading everybody’s news as I’d like, to say the least. And that’s when it’s not crashing.

    I’ve got a great plan, though. Steve Jobs is going to fall in love with me and give me a really good computer. And sex.

    I wonder what those are like?

  10. I have no idea about the good computer or sex (good or otherwise). I am in training to be a lesbian but I’m still hesitating about the Buster Brown haircut.

    We all miss you back in the olden days. In fact, we were only just reminiscing about you and your wild days. Lot’s of gossip – I’ll email.

    Phoebs x x x x x

  11. Yes, paid. But it’s Paypal and the money hasn’t hit the bank yet. Probably another day.

    In training to be a lesbian? Oh, dear god. Don’t go there; I don’t even know how MEN get along with women. Maybe become a cat lady instead, or get one of those RealBaby dolls or something?

    You’d look good with a pixie cut, though, which is perfectly acceptable for lipstick lesbians.

    use the gmail.

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