a thousand words…all of them four-letter

So, what are YOU wearing to Jenna‘s shotgun wedding this Saturday? For some reason, this picture just reminded me of that…

Putin and George

from Fark

24 thoughts on “a thousand words…all of them four-letter

  1. And so I looked inta that big ol’ soul ya got there Pooty-poot, and I saw this honkin’ ton o’ luv this big y’all got there for freedom and d’mocracy and hatin’ on fer the terrists. Y’all keep it up now, y’hear?

  2. Her Grace, the Marchionesse de WitchHampton etc

    Your Grace

    Eagles do like a Tale tres Romantisch

    We do hope they live happily ever after

    Your Grace’s obedient servant and
    Tot siens

    G Adler

  3. Boris Yelstsin once told the story how Putin saved his life.

    “I was walking near Lenin’s tomb and four internal security troops start rifle-clubbing and kicking me. Just as I thought I was going to die on the pavement stones in front of our departed comrade, Vladimir Vladimirovich walks by and says; “That’s enough, comrades. The fat drunken fool has made enough of a spectacle of himself with his incompetence in denying Mother Russia its rightful place among the world’s nations. Take him back to his dacha.”

  4. Now THAT I believe.

    I can’t really hate on her, because we have so much in common. At the moment we’re both redheads, we’re both nutty as a fruitcake, and we both have a crush on Dino.

  5. Yea, yeah, and then Bill grabs Monica’s head like this, and forces her down like this, and that’s I became president.

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  7. “Look, comrade, you can fuck your country just as big!”

    BTW, Vlad looks rather fetching. I would totally bed him, in a Whore Diamonds sort of way.

  8. Oh, come on. Even if you give him the alphabet blocks to play with?

    I’ve got a fantastic quote from Bob Geldof I should put up, it’s perfect for this.

    Stil, I’m not keen on the Vlad, but make sure the diamonds he gives you are REAL, okay? And remember, Tony is mine.

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