Samuel L. Jackson’s past as a Junior Hockey coach

Not many non-Canadians know, but Junior Hockey is the bloodiest. Oh, there may be less blood on the ice, but there is far more in the stands and in the parking lot. My parents, for instance, who, having two figure skating daughters, had no particular interest in junior excuse me Junior Hockey, still went out to every game. And why?

Because they were fight fans, and they watched the stands.

Hockey parents are notoriously bloodthirsty. If William Wallace were building an army now, he would choose from the stands of Junior Hockey and be assured of the bloodthirstiness of his crew. And, in Samuel L. Jackson, this crowd has at last met its match in a coach that will say, “Fuck your pussy son’s bench-warming ass, I am playing Lucifer and Fang on defence and there is fuckall he or you or any creature in Creation can do about it, you motherfucking minivan-driver!”

Can I get an “Amen!”?


11 thoughts on “Samuel L. Jackson’s past as a Junior Hockey coach

  1. Thanks! “I love this blog” is ALWAYS an appropriate comment!

    But I don’t imagine Junior Hockey coaching has much transference to Indonesia?

    I really should do that post about Iwan, the best bodybuilder on Sulawesi…someday.

  2. Yeah, you should post something that Indonesians like me understands, someday… Something that has nothing to do with snows. Sex and money would be interesting…

  3. No, it’s that I finish all my work first. It’s now midnight and I have only one more blog post to do and one more resource to locate. See you in a couple of hours.

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