Monkees Psychedelia: Star Collector

This is what Nine Inch Nails‘s Starfuckers, Incorporated looked like in 1967, performed by The Monkees.

It looked pretty good, actually.

I have to say, the combination of YouTube pixillation and psychedelic staging is a marriage made in Heaven, or at least in Malibu. I actually have this album (Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones Ltd) on vinyl; picked it up at a garage sale, I believe, along with a couple of others when I was at boarding school, which means around the end of the Seventies.

And for those of you who may have, in some misguided and doubtless drunken stupor, expressed skepticism regarding the talent of the great Mike Nesmith, listen to this song: Mary, Mary, which Paul Butterfield called a great white soul song. He was right.

and yes, I know the video is out of synch with the audio.
Doesn’t mean your ears don’t work, right?

17 thoughts on “Monkees Psychedelia: Star Collector

  1. Peter Tork WAS a real genius, and talented besides, but Mike’s talent cannot be gainsaid. Besides, the man invented MTV!

    Fun fact: Peter is now a party photographer/hipster paparazzo in New York.

  2. Love the Monkees. Not past tense there. Got them on vinyl too, watched the progs, did the walk at school. Excellent stuff, thanks Raincoaster :-)

  3. Rain–

    Thanx for the linkoid, but I need to clear the air… I never disparaged or made fun of the Clan of Nesmith, in a drunken stupor or otherwise. If anything, I enlightened the unenlightened about his relationship to the Goddess of Typewriter Correction Fluid, and that he had actually met Frank Zappa.

    Nesmith wrote a song that was popularized by a popular band in the ’70s. I can’t remember what it was. You’d recobanize it if I heard it. If I think of it, let me know.

  4. Okay, maybe it was more like the Ramones’ “I Can’t Make It On Time.” No, wait, it sounded just like Richard Hell & the Voidoid’s “Blank Generation.” Hold on… something by Helen Reddy? Melanie? Little Eva and the Delaware Destroyers?

    I know I’m getting close. Maybe it was Foghat or something.

  5. Hmm….Mike did write a song for a group called the Stone Ponies that was #1 called Different Drum. Linda Ronstat (sp?) was the singer.
    Where did you hear Peter is a photog?

  6. On Gawker. They ran his picture and people attested to running into him at clubs all the time. He’s sort of the elder version of the Cobrasnake. His daughter is quite a scenester, so I heard.

  7. The name of the Michael Nesmith song that you were thinking that I thought of was called “Joanne.” I barely remember that I liked it. Gotta track it down and listen to it, so I can forget it again.

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