Public Service Announcement o’ the Day: Check Your Testicles!

I just checked all the ones in my freezer and they’re fine. In fact, sauteed with a little vermouth they are wonderful!

20 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement o’ the Day: Check Your Testicles!

  1. Sorry about that.Always thought Sweetbread was lamb testicles. Wikepedia says it’s not. Your freezer contains Rocky Mountain Oysters? Yarbles!

  2. sauteed testicles are a little too rubbery-tasting for me. Anyhow, I let my other half check my testicles with his mouth/lips. No testicular cancer yet, so he must be doing something right. :P

  3. The only check a chap needs to make is to look at said articles, and if they are so wrinkly that they look 30 years older than he is, then he is fine.
    (stolen from Phil Hammond).

  4. Great minds thinking alike – I found that the other day and have it pre-published for Friday. Now I have to go make a change to give a hat-tip to you – grrrrr. I would rather not but you have me by the b- – – never mind! :)

  5. Unless there’s been a fairly drastic change in your life, you may have to wait an excessively long while. In fact, you may wish to check someone else’s to save waiting time.

    Unless there was an even earlier life change you’ve never told me about and you’ve got the originals in a jar somewhere.

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  7. Well in that case, you don’t need to check them. You already know they’re firm, unless there’s been a power failure.

  8. Did you notice the sign at the end that reads Carpe Testes? Yes, I’d like to seize them, thank you very much. Along with Rocky Mountain Oysters, I have also eaten turkey fries, which are the same part of the anatomy of a turkey. Tasty with beer.

  9. Despite being born in France and raised in part by a Belgian, I have managed to avoid organ meat to a quite surprising extent. Although I do love liver; I need it, to replace the damage I’ve done to mine!

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