Hacked? Back!

Not exactly sure what’s been going on, but all of a sudden WordPress didn’t like my password. In fact, they refused to accept it and let me into my own blog, no matter how many times I batted the monitor and screamed.


In any case, whether it was a password hack or technical difficulty, either on their end or on mine, all is now back to normal except that I’m too tired to post anything meaningful today, so here are two gay Christmas trees; you tell me which is gayer:

From our Utah correspondent:

rainbow Christmas

The Rainbow Christmas Tree. All it needs is one of those spinning tree bases and the Barry Manilow Christmas Album (you may substitute Ricky Martin or anything from High School Musical if you’re of a youthfuller generation)

And this tree, spotted today up on Main Street in Vancouver:

Oops, removed! It didn’t work so good, sorry

The Pink Pine of Main Street. This was so awe-inspiring that the bus driver stopped right beside it and opened the doors so I could take a clear shot. Since I was doing bus rider surveys all up and down Main Street and the buses here don’t normally stop in the middle of a block for photo-ops, I had the attention of the entire bus. And I must say, the photo has much more detail than I thought and a lovely Seventies hypercolour flat feel to it, just freaky enough. Believe me, it was plenty freaky in real (plastic) life, especially in the early part of November.

So, after I did the picture-snapping thing I continued with the bus rider surveys and one woman was clearly bursting to talk with me. Turns out she knows the guy in the house. She told me he starts this early every year, and we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, because by early December the entire yard is a Nativity scene and the entire house is covered with lights. Now, given the neighborhood and all the fellow is probably straight, but in the way one looks at the prodigal son and thinks “some day his parents are going to realize…” I think it fair to conclude that this Christmas tree is, if not actually gay, at least significantly bi-curious. We all want to know what you bought us for Christmas, don’t we?

8 thoughts on “Hacked? Back!

  1. I’d vote for the Rainbow Christmas tree…it’s rather lovely.

    The pink monstrosity is awesome in its tackiness though. But I think the gay/lesbian population has had enough tacky this year, with the callowness of the California voting public giving them basic human rights one day, taking them away the next.

    Let’s stick with lovely.

  2. If you click on the symbol, it opens in another window. But it’s really not worth the effort. Tacky doesn’t begin to cover it. But I like the other tree. Imagine, a gay Christmas tree from Utah, home of all those Mormons who worked so hard to defeat Prop. 8.

  3. The Rainbow Christmas Tree is AWESOME! I just wish we could do something about Proposition 8 from here, and use it as a promotional symbol!

  4. I have been repeatedly locked out of my blog this past month. Frankly, I’ve begun to view wordpress as a pain in the a** lately. I spend more time administering than posting, and I know my quality has deteriorated because of the distraction lately.

    Gayest Christmas tree? Can’t decide whether it’s the flamer in the picture, or the one still hiding in the closet. The ones that know don’t talk…

  5. Sorry to hear about your technical problems; that’s usually a cookie issue, so do the Cookie Dance and it should resolve.

    Your gay Christmas trees don’t talk? Ours, as you can see, practically SCREAM!

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