I don’t know who he is but he should call me

Seriously. Louis CK, whoever the hell he is, should call me. We could hook up. It would be a good thing for the universe.

15 thoughts on “I don’t know who he is but he should call me

  1. Gads, woman, if I knew the guy, I’d bloody well introduce you. Forget the whole Viggo thing — a guy that emo you’d chew up within a couple of hours. This guy would probably just convert his horrifying, life-long relationship with you into material.


  2. i think i’m in love – arm wrestle you for him?

    had to catch myself once standing in front of a microwave oven, cooking a baked potato in 10 minutes, saying “C’mon… hurry!”. (oh, and i do that thing on planes – it really is cool to be 5 miles up!)

  3. Ha! Good one, Raincoaster. He’s a funny guy and how true. Instant gratification is king in this world. Hope you get to meet him…for the good of the universe and all. :)

  4. I love it. And I’m even older than he is and remember when things were even more primitive. I even remember when computers were nothing but green words on a black screen, and you had to dial into a special number to get to the library. I remember when McDonald’s was a big deal, and they advertised you could get a meal for less than a $1. They had to station somebody at home to cook, because you couldn’t buy your chicken already cooked at the grocery store. I remember all that.

  5. He is great!! Good find, Raincoaster. Who is he? I want to hear more from him that was so good.

    I used to have a phone that you had to dial and ourphone number was Tmworth 6247. Now you have so many numbers to dial it’s like a comedy sketch in itself calling London. Ah but in the real olden days you had people to connect you:
    Number please..
    Pennsylvania 6-5000
    Trying to connect you…

    The good old days. When you could telephone the bank and not speak to a machine making your life more simple….. for half an hour of wasted life.

  6. err … your Grace …. one must allowances for Incisive Racoons

    I think he means bark fibREs

    Envious of the young Lady ApilihP’s youngness – unlike a certain Gray One, she will not remember recovering 4 Old Pennies, consequent upon pressing the hereinafore-mentioned “B” button

    Not too sure how to get an effective invite without an email address

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