Sarah Palin’s Christmas Special!

You just can’t keep a bad ex-candidate down. Yes, the Dan Quayle of Alaska is back, with a retro holiday special sure to bring a tear to the eye.

from Jimmy Kimmel via SeriouslyOMG

15 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Christmas Special!

  1. I am allergic to Kimmel, but that is seriously funny. My favorite thing, though, is the tag “celebutard.” I learn something every day, lemme tell ya.

    Sheesh, where have I been?

  2. Ooh yes a hot man post please, but not the whiney voiced one, Gordon Brown roasting over a slow flame? And a virtual arse-kicking for Ian Duncan Smith? How about a Xmas game where you uplaod your own photo onto the body of one stamping on the politicians of your choice with stilletto heels? A whip and a bucket of salt?

  3. The Lady ApilihP

    Your Ladyship

    Perhaps your Ladyship will forgive my lowering the tone from the elevated heights as usual set by Monsieur Metro

    but it may be of some interest to the more erudite Visitors to this discerning Space to visit Aerchies Archive

    Therein on 1st December, he featured a Shocking & Graphic Portrayal of the slow Roasting at both ends of Gordon McBroon, Saviour of the World from the tragical Consequences of the Credit Crunch

    I didna ken that the McBroon of that Ilk be a Campbell


    Yr Ladyship’s obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  4. Herr Eagle – thankyou for for reminding me to visit the fabulous Aerchies Archive. It is true that from time to time I too cannot maintain the detached balanced view of politics that Metro so wisely demonstrates and I just want to stamp my long and pointy stilletto heel.

  5. I was merely going to say that I’ll soon be stealing the sweetly stilettoed Sarah. Instead I find myself blushing that an innocent pun has been read as a deep and meaningful political statement. At least the Sassenachs may be reasonably assured that their leader will accept the will of his people. Unlike certain Northern Colonials. I blame the Frozen Froggies.

  6. “Detached?” “Balanced?”

    I may have been doing something dreadfully wrong. I try to maintain a balance, but as I remain a reality-based conservative, it’s not easy. However, as I now live in a country with no government save the monarchy, perspective is no longer needed.

    @Aerchie: We blame the Bloc Quebecois up here as well. And as far as stealing Sarah, you’re likely welcome to her. But wouldn’t that leave you one Pauline Hanson extra?

  7. Hot man post? I didn’t see the word “Post” there and got quite overheated at the thought. Le Sigh.

    Now I’ve got the laptop, I think I’ll be catching up very soon. As soon as I fix my category widget, that is.

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