Shatner Serenades Cetaceans

William Shatner sings to whales.

Don’t ask me. I just blog this stuff.

So, is that what you call a podcast?


22 thoughts on “Shatner Serenades Cetaceans

  1. it scared me. i started it playing, but i’ve heard shatner’s singing before and i was scared he was going to break out into song again. so i stopped the play.

    yes, for a spawn of cthulu i’m a wimp. but there’s got to be some illogical way of scaring spawn. who expected it would be the threat of shatner’s singing?

  2. Shat’s singing scares me, too. Good thing he didn’t do much of it in this clip. But I loved him as Denny Crane, especially when the Mad Cow set in. Or maybe he wasn’t acting.

  3. First the Partridge family, then Pearl Jam and now Will Shatner?! Argh.

    I know everyone likes to blame whaling for the dearth of whales in the seas, but has anyone considered that whales may have had good reason to disappear when faced with “songs” like that…

  4. I was hoping he was going to negotiate hotel prices with the cetaceans. Oh, well.

    Btw, please take a moment when you find one to update your blogroll/feeds/etc. … my domain has expired and I have registered a new one: just change .org to .info! (


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