Well, what would you call them? Pussy purses? Persian sacks (they ARE pretty hairy). A loathesomely miss-shapen by-product of the unhealthy tendency among the narcissistic childless towards cloying anthropomorphism and blithe possessiveness?

Or you might call them “cute.”  In which case I don’t even want to KNOW you.

from fourfour

18 thoughts on “Catbags

  1. “You’ve got this big pile of beautiful Persian cat hair. It seems like you should be able to make something out of it.” What a regular Rapunzel.

    It’s HIDEOUS!

    At the very least they could a little electronic voicebox that purrs occasionally.

  2. “She had no words to express what she felt about it. She was in tears over it.”

    She says this like it was a good thing. I’m at a loss for words myself, other than ewww…

  3. What I say is “Achoooooooo!” (Thorry, tewwibly allergic.) Of course, it has never occurred to me to think about making a sweater out of all the Cocker hair I’ve groomed over the last 35 years, no, not me!

  4. I just think the cats are damned patient — and she’s damned lucky she doesn’t get disemboweled for bathing and blow drying those animals.

  5. What a brilliant idea! And she gets people to pay $400 for these? Way-to-go woman. Milk that and milk it good. Cackle all the way to the bank. And they even pay her for shaving the creature so she can make the yarn! Ha! Excellent.

    I wish someone would shave the Tom cat that keeps beating my cat up. He’s long haired and so matted and flea ridden and horrible yet someone’s ‘baby’. One of his matted bits was torn off and because of the blood my children thought it was a dead mouse and wouldn’t believe it was just cat fur. Actually a rug would be nice….

  6. Persians are not actually life forms, Lori; that’s why they don’t fight. Persians are furniture that purrs.

    The Cowichan sweaters that everyone in Vancouver wears (see my posts under “curling” for pictures) were originally made of dog hair, which is why they come in doggy kinds of colours. Those sweaters rock. These purses? They don’t rock; perhaps they could be said to Yanni?

  7. See, malamute fur is a GOOD knitting material. It’s what the Cowichans are made from, more or less. There’s a woman in Hundred Mile House to this day who spins yarn from her huskies, and makes more from that than from the kennel!

  8. “Satan’s Oven Mitts.” I like it. It works.

    As for the two here, I’m trying to decide which to make into the hat and which to make into the muff. Problem is, one is a marmalade tabby and the other is black with white markings. No matter what, I’m going to get “the carpet doesn’t match the drapes” jokes.

  9. I’m not sure why people think “ewwww”. Is there a difference between shaving a cat and knitting something out of the fur than there is shaving a goat, a sheep or an alpaca — or a rabbit, for that matter? In fact, if you’ve ever seen sheep wool on the hoof before they shave it you’d be going “EWWWWW”. Very few cats get poo, sticks, grass, thorns, mud…. etc. stuck in their fur. And let’s face it, sheep smell horrible.

  10. Yes, but I don’t know any goats that barf. And there’s something morbid about it. Do you knit your kid’s hair into accessories? It seems like anticipating the funeral a bit.

    Not to mention, those bags are ooooogly!

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