Maids of Dishonour

Married To The Sea

9 thoughts on “Maids of Dishonour

  1. Wow! Now you are posting misogynist comics? Like all unmarried women are insane, screeching greedy materialists? Or like all women need a husband at all? I shall have to find a feminist cartoon to post in retaliation. The prairie dog one is funny. This ain’t.

  2. In theory.

    Once married, the husband takes over the role of pursuing greedy materialism to finish out the nest, and the wife, after a year or so, takes up the task of insane screeching. Then a velociraptor or two are hatched and everything balances out, except for the insane screeching, which is provided by the velociraptor(s).

    Once the velociraptors are grown and gone, the wife takes over the insane screeching duties again, and the husband takes up gardening and joins the NRA.

  3. How many weddings have you been to lately, Silverstar? The Post-Feminist, Sex and the City watching twentysomething positively delights in these kinds of horrific displays. Trust me, I socialize with too many of them.

    Bunk, you should put that over on where we are having a discussion of empty nest syndrome. I’m sure they’d LOVE to hear that!

  4. Well, to tell the truth, I haven’t been to a wedding since my sister got married mublety-mumble years ago. If this is how they behave and think, I pity them, for they will suffer the most in the hard times to come.

  5. Can I chime in? Uh…I’m a dyke, got married, we both threw the bouquets to…whoever…EVERYONE was screeching and I think this cartoon is hysterically funny. Trust me. It translates across gender lines…

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