Banksy in Bristol

Banksy may or may not be a man; he may or may not be a collective; but he definitely IS my dream man (when you’re a communist, it doesn’t count as an orgy, it counts as “sharing”). Hey, it’s my dream, I can have what I want in it.

Not only did he give me my best-performing post ever, but he also just unveiled this:

Banksy is Putting the MPs into Chimps

Yes, he put the “MPs” into “Chimps.” But without Boris Johnson in the house, there’s a sad shortage of Bonobos to bring teh sex-ay.

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65 thoughts on “Banksy in Bristol

  1. Now we await the disapproving screams of the anally retentive right. How dare Banksy vandalise other people’s property.

    Two things; firstly, when was the last time a member of the right produced anything of artistic value and secondly, property is theft!

  2. AND:

    “This is the first show I’ve ever done where taxpayers’ money is being used to hang my pictures up rather than scrape them off.” Banksy

  3. Cue:

    1) Art fans complaining that Banksy’s been co-opted.
    2) Banksy’s next project: Something big involving dogs playing poker.

    Actually, he could have done that one. It was originally a satire on the moral practices of the upper classes.

  4. outRAGEous

    We see the usual anti-Soviet suspects arriving … and we know where these Bloggeristas sehr distingués BLOGGE

    AND HARRRUMPHissimus

    Mr Banksie is so specie-ist

    … to suggest that we have a Parliament of Chimps is DEFAMATORY of Chimps, who are far too sensible and honourable to have produced the current shambles


    he’ll be upsetting the Pigs by portraying them taking over Parliament in order to compose poetically and fantastically inflated Expense Claims

  5. Wow, Banksy finally did something I’m not really all that impressed with. I suppose it had to happen some time. At least the first one I didn’t like was a new piece rather than something that he went back and “fixed.” #hanshotfirst

  6. this picture take me back with “planet of the apes”.. hi there, i’m indonesian blogger.. i’m waiting you to visit my blog. thx..

  7. Esq Eagle G, Sir, Attend and take note.

    I created Chimpanzees to rule the world, not you poorly created (unfortunately I have been known to commit errors of judgment for I Am YOUR God and prone to YOUR foibles) humans. You will notice several things about this Parliament. There are no waving arms and shouting across the Chamber. Secondly there are no females in the Chamber. This is how the world should be run. You may not notice it but there is also none of this silly welfare talk going on. Taxation is theft, as is property. Survival is for the fittest only. I’m all right Jack, screw you!

    Bunk Strutts, I Am YOUR God and you shall complete your sentence.

  8. I saw the exhibition on TV last night, and my view is that Banksy should be sought out and KNIGHTED!! After all, other artists have been honoured, whose work doesn’t make you stop, have another look and think half as much.

  9. I used to go to school with Banksy. Have not seen him for a while but good to see he has not forgotten his Bristol roots.

  10. @IamYG– I’ll complete my sentence if I’m ever convicted; so far I haven’t been indicted yet. (BTW, which God are you: The Hairy Thunderer, or Cosmic Muffin?)

  11. It’s not his best work, but God there has a point, which we should all remember from our days watching old movies, right:

    Except for that bit about the females. His eyes are obviously going; unsurprising, at his age.

  12. Gawd I’m such a suck up. Now Amy’s pissed.

    You have no idea how difficult it is to keep five women (you, Amy Oops, Mrs. Strutts & my daughters) happy at the same time. You all somehow get synchronized. ;)

    I’m probably more of a Libertarian politically, but I became a conservative once I became self-employed for a while in the 1980’s and started paying attention to where my confiscated earnings were going. But you already know that.

  13. That’s what you think. Trust me, I paid my dues in Viggo Mortensen fan forums. If you want an army to terrify your enemies, use women. Unpredictable, tenacious, crafty and lethal.

  14. IayG “…. Esq Eagle G, Sir, Attend and take note. I created Chimpanzees to rule the world, not you poorly created (…. ) humans ….”

    I flatter myself that I agree with God on so many things (eg Leviathans are indeed Mighty Beasts of the Sea, Badgers are not a mighty folk and a good wife [especially Mrs Eagle] is indeed worth more than rubies) …. and indeed my Comments generally make more sense, if read backwards

    BUT I wonder about Chimps ruling the World

    * they are quite charming when drinking tea and eating bananas … and tragically-funny the morning-after consuming fermented-figs


    * they can be very unkind to any baby Colobus Monkeys that they can get their hands on


    * of course it is those wRetched Homo pSeudo Sapiens (especially Americans) who have the Guns


    It is not only RacCcooons who can be upset about being falsely accused of being HUMAN and instructed to complete sentences – this is not easy for the talonted & clawed amongst her Grace’s many animal visitors

  15. Witchs to Judge–
    As a law abiding citizen of the USA, I’m honestly curious. What country are you from? Who taught you to hate us? What exactly has my country done that you so despise? Honest question.

  16. Mr. Witches–

    We have a language barrier here, and I suspect that Google Translate is involved.

    The USA contributes more money for charitable purposes to help the poor around the globe than all other countries combined, yet that is not enough. You’ve apparently been taught to hate “the Rich” yet you ignore the fact that it is “the Rich” who hire and pay for services from those who are willing to work.

    Am I rich? Compared to someone who makes more than I do, no. Compared to someone who makes less? Probably. Even in a free society there will always be people on the lower rungs of the ladder, but rarely do they stay there.

    Thomas Pynchon? Megadeth? I honestly pity you.

    Brazil has an incredible amount of resources, and should be awash in wealth. Because it isn’t is not the fault of my country or any other. Try blaming your ex-President Mazzilli for your country’s economic woes instead.

    Cordially, Bunk

  17. I think the “preparatory military schools” W2J is talking about could be The School of the Americas.

    As far as your comments regarding politically left or right W2J, I would say you are wrong, but only technically. You are mostly correct in that it does turn out that way in reality. Classically, the Left feels that people need to have a lot of structure and rules to dictate that people have to do the good things that they should do. The Right feels that those rules constrain and inhibit free will, and that people would be more willing to do the good things they should be doing if they weren’t forced to do so. However, it does usually come down to the left being altruistic and the right being greedy.

    As for your hope: who fits completely with any group?

  18. Yes, I did, but it doesn’t matter. I half-jokingly mentioned Brazil’s 25th President, and he flunked the test. He’s either ignorant, a non-Brazilian troll, or both.

  19. Umberto, why don’t you get a blog, which is where long discussions about yourself and your personality are appropriate.

    We were talking about Banksy, and the painting at the top of the post. Do try to stay focused.

  20. If you just want to write, like I said, get your own blog. If you make it private, then you don’t need to worry about people reading it and getting upset, but it still lets you express yourself.

  21. Hmm…I was remembering all that horrible things I had post here in the past (and,thanks raincoaster for erasing it,like I asked you) and, though I cannot read English well,seems that Valarmorghulis put a good description of Right and Left.
    Today I’ll have to leave my home to voting for President in Brazil – the vote here is compulsory .
    The taxes are high on my country,and I was thinking on a way like B.S, said :” the riches that pay the taxes”, and I realized that is not true, except for proprierties and wages ,whose taxes are proportional to the values (I supose – I am 45 years old and dependent, and I never had an account in a bank, so I am not much familiarized to the matter.)..
    But in anything that is consumed, the price is the same. Though the poors gain less,and they generally work in harder jobs.

  22. And about –
    “Am I rich?Compared to someone who makes more than I do,no” (July 30,2009)
    – I could add that some people don’t produce anything,they just make money in the bourse.

  23. And Brazil is not rich because the country was a portuguese colony of exploitation,like most the rest of Latin America was spanish. It’s different from U.S.A. and Canada who were colonies of occupation by the english and french.
    I am saying obvious things but seems they all are so correct…

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