keeping up with the ‘coasters

Total Information Awareness, baybee

No relation to Edwin Coaster.

You think it’s easy being me? You think it’s easy being raincoaster? Try coasting the way I do some time. This? This is what I do on a typical day. This is, in fact, what I did today:


More Shatner Awesomenosity:

Announcing the 3 Day Novel Contest Writer’s Retreat

Announcing BookCamp Vancouver:

What not to wear to your wedding:

I always KNEW Herc was gay:

Participatory Art with Pierre-A. Sonolet:

Oh, and sent out almost 400 invitations to the retreat. And negotiated with the resort to nail down the final details before registration opens. And did this post. And now, seepies.

6 thoughts on “keeping up with the ‘coasters

  1. She drinks a pint of young blood at breakfast every morning. It rather nicely cancels the taste of methylated spirits, so she tells me.

    And yes, I notice we’re out of methylated spirits.

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