Blogathon post #4

After struggling for the better part of an hour with a recalcitrant blog that won’t accept a simple HTML paste, I gave up and just posted this. You can’t win them all.

Blogathon #3: Babies got back

I cheated and posted over at TeenyManolo, so what are you waiting for? CLICK!!!

While you’re at it, you can still donate to the Blogathoning efforts of one raincoaster; all donations go directly to support the Federation of BC Writers, and not one thin dime goes to buy me any gin. Although if you drop by with a decanter, I wouldn’t turn you away.

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keeping up with the ‘coasters

Total Information Awareness, baybee

No relation to Edwin Coaster.

You think it’s easy being me? You think it’s easy being raincoaster? Try coasting the way I do some time. This? This is what I do on a typical day. This is, in fact, what I did today:


More Shatner Awesomenosity:

Announcing the 3 Day Novel Contest Writer’s Retreat

Announcing BookCamp Vancouver:

What not to wear to your wedding:

I always KNEW Herc was gay:

Participatory Art with Pierre-A. Sonolet:

Oh, and sent out almost 400 invitations to the retreat. And negotiated with the resort to nail down the final details before registration opens. And did this post. And now, seepies.

In case you’re wondering

I’m out of town, on the road, and trying to relax, so no blog posts for awhile unless I just happen to feel like doing it. I did post over at raincoaster media on how to get 250,000 new Twitter Followers, guaranteed! and set Teenymanolo to autopost. Unfortunately, Ayyyy will no longer feature my filthy, punning gossip headlines.

Om mom mom mom

I’m reposting this from my parenting blog, for lo, I am way jaded and rare indeed is the story that makes me yell OH MY FUCKING GOD, but this?

This. Is. That. Story.

doesn't that look mouth-watering?

Verily, the record of history is thick with wacky diets (and someday I hope to stumble across The Drinking Woman’s Diet) and among them there are some real lollapalosers of recipes, including the Cabbage Soup Diet (how do you sell 300 pages of “put cabbage in water, cook it, and drink it”?) not to mention oddities like Slug Fritters and their ick ilk. There’s even a sub-group of cannibal-chic dishes like Hufu, human-flavoured tofu, and ClooFu, the George Clooney-flavoured tofu. And anyone who knows what a doula is has heard about the miraculous, all-natural benefits of eating one’s placenta, just like animals which haven’t learned to read, write, walk on their hind legs or exercise bowel control.

placentawichNow the world offers a queasy welcome to: placentawiches.

That’s right, folks.  Master chefs Chrissy and Kathy Schilling used the placenta from Chrissy’s newborn to spice up pasta, panini and other delicious meals over the weekend — and generously posted pictures of the afterbirth-filled dishes on their Facebook page.

Although doctors claim placenta offers no nutritional benefit for people who already are well-nourished, the sisters believe otherwise.

Among the benefits reported by the self-cannibalizing new mother, hallucinogenic effects must rank as the only one which interests me, but one which, in the current War Against Drugs political climate, we must ignore, lest pregnant women everywhere be shipped off to Gitmo for the proactive protection of American slackers.

Let’s raise a toast to free-range mothers-to-be!

Placenta Cocktail


1/4 cup fresh, raw placenta
8oz V-8 juice
2 ice cubes
1/2 cup carrot

Method: blend at high speed for 10 seconds. Serve. A tasty thirst quencher!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a stiff drink.

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