Canadians Win: The Cure for Black Sunday

As presumably even penguins in the Antarctic are now aware, on Sunday the Canadian Men’s hockey team lost to the US team for the first time since 1960; this day is now known as Black Sunday or, in the US, as the “Miracle on Ice” because that country ran out of ideas after inventing disco and they’ve just been stealing from the Japanese and the English ever since, and have to reuse old names.

This is what it looked like:

All you need to know about Black Sunday

Seriously, that’s all you need to know about it, other than the one thing nobody knows: how much Brodeur took to throw the game.

And this is the smashingly effective Canadian Comeback:

Canada wins, cuz at least we have health care

Which means we don’t have to worry about things like this…

Rachel Bilson gets a smallpox surprise

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7 thoughts on “Canadians Win: The Cure for Black Sunday

  1. I’m not even a hockey or an olympic game fan but I have to admit that it was tough on Canada to lose on its own soil. But we did beat Russia today (I think). It won’t be much of a consolation for losing to our favorite neighbors but hey that’s just sports. *sad*

  2. I only understood about one word in ten of this post. However, wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS for your success in the Winter Olympics. 14 Golds, more than any other home nation. You all must be over the moon, and absolutely legless.

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