It’s International Draw Mohammed Day!

Mohammed demonstrates REAL radical Islam

Mohammed demonstrates REAL Radical Islam on Draw Mohammed Day

This would make an AWESOME tapestry, dude.

UPDATE: Facebook has taken down the Page of Draw Mohammed Day; apparently the Farmville revenue from Pakistan was worth more than their reputation as a platform for nonviolent groups to communicate. Who knew? (we all did, deep down). I’ll give five juicy Canadian dollars to the first person to do an image of Mark Zuckerberg as the Prophet Mohammed. I mean, it makes sense, right? It explains collusion, right?

Chris Crocker sez leave mohammed alone on Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Chris Crocker sez leave mohammed alone on Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

UPDATE UPDATED: The WordPress.Com blog is still up, and holds nothing sacred (most particularly not the English language, but you don’t see Shakespeare telling Hamlet to off them, now do ya?

Update UPDATE UPDATED: I grabbed a cached version of the FB page, but it’s gibbled a bit gibbled to the point I had to delete it, sorry.

And here is an archive of images of Mohammed through history, including Islamic images of him. Is it like the Catholics and celibacy? Sometimes it’s in, sometimes the Pope has grandkids?

Yes, today is the day we stand in solidarity with terrified Danish ink addicts everywhere and scrawl out our best portraits of the Prophet Mohammed, a day born of controversy, of conflict, of (apparent) confusion. I mean…

Nihad Awad says “freedom of expression does not create an obligation to offend or to show disrespect to the religious beliefs or revered figures of others.”That is quite literally correct; it is important to note that freedom of expression does not create obligations: it creates freedoms.

Here I am exercising mine at Bunk’s invitation by posting this fine image by AdamCrazyPants (I hope I haven’t just sentenced him to death!) of a modern Mohammed, kickin’ it old skool, laying down the radical Islam. Paging Ali Eteraz

and, last but not least, this. Because it needs to be said as often as possible to those who would interfere with our fundamental freedoms.

there’s irony in those lyrics, if the fascists of one kind or another haven’t killed it off too

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20 thoughts on “It’s International Draw Mohammed Day!

  1. I see Facebook seems to have taken down the original page while encouraging the antis by leaving numerous hate-filled irrational bigot pages up there. Vitory for rationality and free speech there, not.

  2. Ohhh, good catch! It was up as of fifteen minutes ago!

    Facebook is also fascist, absolutely. The issue for them is that Pakistan was threatening to block ALL of Facebook unless they took these guys down, and Facebook cares nothing for free speech and everything for Facebook.

    Thanks for the tip, I’m off to tell Gawker about it. Maybe they’ll post something on it.

  3. Blog is still up although all posts and cartoons have been removed and only the comments remain. Even the header has been changed to “Nothing”.

    I wonder who brought the pressure? WordPress or did the author plan this all along?

  4. Hmmm … I wonder why they didn’t pick “Holocaust Denial” as their freedom-of-expression cause-celebre, since, you know, it’s all about abstract freedom of speech without regard to the value of the content …

  5. I doubt WP took the things down; if they do have a problem with hate speech or something, they just suspend the blog. This was done by the blog admins, or someone hacked their password and did it.

    They didn’t pick “Holocaust Denial” as the MacGuffin here because people don’t go around executing people for discussing holocoast denial, duh. The point is about forcing people to decide if it’s acceptable to murder other people because they’ve offended you.

  6. Raincoaster

    You have an awesome blog! I’m ashamed to say I’ve just discovered it not long ago, and I will certainly be stopping by much more frequently. Whoever coined the phrase “content is king” must have landed here then decided that! One could spend a lifetime being informed,entertained,and enthralled on this blog! “effusive commenting?” please don’t take it as such, but when I’m blown away by something, I’m truly blown away.
    As a convert to Islam I’m not offended by all of this draw a cartoon of Muhammad stuff. I’m not even angry! Should I be angry? Of course not. I defend the right of free speech. Even if it offends the Muslims! Do I love Islam, and Prophet Muhammad? Of course I do. But anger was not the way of our beloved Prophet. He was tolerant, and kind to those who hated him, and to those who tried to kill him. I think anyone who reads anything written with real knowledge, and authority, would draw the same conclusion about Muhammad. There is so much misconception in the West about Islam, people form such subjective views,opinions, and ideas about Islam from watching a 30 second clip on the news. After 911, it became fashionable to apostate from Islam for whatever reason, and then go write a book on how evil Islam is, and why we should fear it. That fashion trend is still in vogue today. Am I a radical Muslim? Of course I’m not. Do I condone radical Islam? Of course I don’t. Do I think the Muslims, and every Islamic view on things is correct? Of course I don’t. Should Islam move out of the 6th century? Of course I do. I’m not angered by insulting caricatures of Muhammad. I’m saddened by all of it. If you decide in moderating your commentary, and decide not to approve this one. I understand.
    Wishing you happiness and peace!

  7. Oh, we are never moderate about anything around here, particularly not comments! You are free to comment as effusively and as often as you like!

    Thanks for the compliments.

  8. @raincoaster

    The video you posted contains very sad and disturbing images, but they must be seen! Thank you for posting it!

    As a convert to Islam, I want to state with conviction that in no way shape or form do I condone ANY acts of politically motivated violence carried out on any people now, or in any epoch of time, by any religious group. I make no exception with Islam. I am also against any form of “hate speech”. I’m not clear on the meaning of the word ‘abism” I’ve looked at several dictionaries to try to define, and could not. Did you mean ablism? or did you mean “abysm”?
    I think in saying “The man is a chord between the animal and the beyond…” borders on hate speech. As a Muslim, and someone who reveres Prophet Muhammad, you might be better for it if you read an authoritative biograhphy about Muhammad as there are many authored by non-Muslim, scholars of Islam who probably come from a Christian-Judeo background. Before making such a statement, which seems very subjective, and emotive. Speaking of animals, when The Prophet was often in prayer at the Kaaba, and his prayer was long, people would often throw the entrails, feces, and urine of animals on him. But he never let that interfere with his prayer, and would remain in prostration as this was done to him. Upon his return to his household his daughters would weep, while cleaning him of this filth.
    I agree with you that “The worth of the man is for him to be a bridge, not an end…” I do not write this in anger, or out a being a zealot, but I write out of love, and compassion for all people no matter their religious affiliation. God’s peace and blessings be on you always…

  9. @umberto
    Thank you so much for clarifying, I appreciate it. I also know about “who I love don’t love me” My beloved is still in China, but I don’t think she loves me any longer. I’m 52 and unemployed too. so I can sympathize! now I know your perspective I understand…bless you friend!

  10. You do not know any idea about the true religion of Islam
    Try and Read the Holy Quran and think about each word
    Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace
    I hope that you will understand the true Islamic religion:)
    I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah <3 !
    Thank you:)

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