Mean Disney Girls

Lindsay Lohan confessions of a teenage drama queen

Lindsay Lohan confessions of a teenage drama queen

Well, now that Ariel has nearly completed her downfall and is drying up in rehab (yet again), I think the time is right for a little flashback to when it all started to go wrong. Once upon a time it was cokeups and muscleheads, alive, alive-o, and now it’s nothing but orange jumpsuits, enforced Yanni listening sessions and yoga, and the smell of cheap regret.

Those? Those were the days, my friend.

7 thoughts on “Mean Disney Girls

  1. See, this one is a clever one and it won me over.. I guess I will lurk around here some more.. Seriously, what a waste, right?! Can’t help but feel sorry for the girl. Good collage work Sir, this picture is definitely worth more than her wasted life..

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