Shebeen Club tonight at Rogue

Shebeen Club S

Shebeen Club S is for Scribes!

Just a reminder that tonight’s Shebeen Club meeting, Going Pro with Sylvia Taylor, is at Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar, in Waterfront Station skytrain/seabus station. They’ve developed a terrific seasonal menu for us, too, and of course they offer all the fabulous microbrews of their partner in crime, Steamworks Brew Pub. We have lots of space in our private room, so you can just show up and join us at 7pm tonight: $25 at the door.

Choice of Entrées:

1. Coconut Poached Chicken Salad

snap peas, red & yellow peppers, mixed greens,

thin asian noodles, sesame soy dressing

2. Mediterranean Penne

kalamata olives, basil, tomatoes, artichokes,

yellow peppers, goat cheese

3. The 9.2 oz Rogue Burger

home ground sirloin burger cooked to 160

degrees farenheit, sesame brioche bun, bacon,

cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle, sweet relish,

mayo, hand-cut kennebec fries

4. Fresh Halibut Tacos

seared cajun-spices halibut, avocado cream,

mango salsa, fennel coleslaw, white flour tortilla

7 thoughts on “Shebeen Club tonight at Rogue

  1. The menu sounds delicious! Do you want to split two? Is that with wine too? I’m a bit confused though – what about the place on Pender?

  2. The place on Pender got canceled at the last minute, alas. Something about business license restrictions after 5pm.

    Yes, you get a glass of wine or their craft brewed beer with dinner, included in the price. They have good wines, too. You’ll be happy.

    I dunno if I want to split one; I’m pretty hungry lately, now that I’ve started working out.

    Glad you saw the notice. I was worried about you showing up to the wrong spot.

  3. Nor do halibut tacos! All round good time, food, wine, venue and folk. Thanks! A+ for your effort on finding such a good room on short notice.

  4. Thanks, but I can’t take credit for it. It was all Rogue’s doing. They were amazing! Frankly, I hate the word “Wetbar” Sooooo much I’d literally never gone in, but I’m converted now.

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