Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, all right-thinking people! Here is a pretty accurate video portraying the differences between how Canadians and Americans celebrate this weekend’s momentous event, Canadian Thanksgiving.

Seriously, can you imagine what it’s like to be forced to give thanks for sharing a country with Celine Dion? The American response would be welcomed as a sweet release.

If you’re in Vancouver and single and thinking you’d enjoy the taste of tradition but not willing to go through the whole Turkey For One routine, then get down to Steamrollers (not a paid placement, neither in gold nor in burritos, alas, although retroactive bribes are ALWAYS acceptable) and buy their Thanksgiving burritos. They’ve got turkey, a strip of cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with gravy, all prepared without trans fats and rolled up into a reheatable bundle. There’s apparently a guy in Yaletown who orders several flats of them, freezes them, and has one a week all year. I would, if I had: a) the money b) a freezer.

7 thoughts on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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  2. My favorite American Thanksgiving image will forever be Sarah Palin’s photo-op interview in which she does the obligatory pardoning of a turkey, and then proceeds to blather through another one of her unintelligible stock campaign Q & A’s while the poor foul she’s just pardoned gets violently slaughtered not 5 feet behind her. Personally, I’d be SO much more thankful to be compatriots with Celine Dion.


    Bonus: Whoever guesses the homonymous connection between Ex-Gov. Palin and Ellen Page gets the drumstick…

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