BOOBS! Breasts! Chest! And keywords!

Yes, I’ve done it before and I may do it again. I just decided the time was ripe (overripe, in fact) to post a picture of my boobs to my blog. So here they are. Yes, they’re real, and they’re spectacular!

raincoaster's boob octo awesomeness

raincoaster's boob octo awesomeness

Yes, that is the famous Sacred Heart of Cthulhu t-shirt I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. The pic was taken by my friend Degan at the media launch of Tales of the Cocktail. And yes, those are my boobs. 100% organic, free-range, but unfortunately not locally grown, as I grew those in Ontario when I was about 12.

19 thoughts on “BOOBS! Breasts! Chest! And keywords!

  1. Nice rack! I like how that T-shirt doesn’t draw attention to it in the least. Yes mamms, you’re all set! Having just seen her on Oprah, I think the Octomom would put her Katy Perry tracksuits on eBay and throw you in front of Jared Loughner with Glee for a pair of those Obamas. ;)B<

  2. Babu, you’re out of your league.

    WC, it’s good for hits, what can I say? Ask NurseMyra about that.

    LW, if she wants a pair like this, she’s gotta pick a better surgeon or better DNA in the first place.

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