Julian Assange’s New Do!

Julian Assange gets an updo!

Julian Assange gets an updo!

Love the new look, baby. Don’t worry about hiding out from The Law; with a ‘do like that, ain’t nobody gonna be looking at your face anyway.

Many thanks to the lovely and apparently multi-multi-talented GDGeek, whose resume now extents past graphic design into hairdressing and even espionage (second-hand)!

And this looks like as good a time as any to get rid of another link dump. Sorry (not really) for the lack of new posts; I’ve been off speaking at WordCamp Victoria and setting up the new schedule for my social media workshops (there’s a special discount code for up to $100 off if you register by noon Monday; ie tomorrow).

Saint Bill of Murray (Lolebrity)

Michael Douglas photobomb! (raincoaster)

Julian Assange is the greatest photoshop opportunity of our time (Ayyyy)

Cheese it! That’s too expensive! (Manolofood)

Katie Holmes and the World’s Ugliest Pants (AgentBedhead)

But did he put it on her FINGER? (AmyGrindhouse)

Are We There Yet contest (BusyBeeBlogger)

Jennifer Aniston pulls a Bridget Jones (CeleBitchy)

Palin putting it around? (CelebDirtyLaundry)

I see dumb people. They don’t know they’re dumb (CelebritySmack)

Annalynne McCord gives a puppy a helping hand (CityRag)

This choice of Catwoman is nuts! (DailyStab)

You can get arrested for just acting weird? (FitFabCeleb)

Xtina is X-ed out in someone else’s bed (GirlsTalkinSmack)

P!nk is F!!!ing Perfect (HaveUHeard)

Rachel Zoe is unapologetically elasticized (INeedMyFix)

Spears for Sears? (PoorBritney)

Prince + Madonna = Tru Luv 4 eva (PopBytes)

David Spade is OLD: FACT of life (SeriouslyOMG)



12 thoughts on “Julian Assange’s New Do!

  1. Well, it still hasn’t fixed it for me. It’s just wrapped the previous crush in a layer of weird Sci-Fi fetishism. Really, can’t you just see him as a planetary ambassador on Star Trek?

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  4. I think it’s fairly clear David Aaronovitch fancies Assange. I can see them in Star Trek – DA in the red shirt :-D

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