Bonsai Kitten 2011!

bonsai pint kitten is a full 20 ounces

bonsai pint kitten is a full 20 ounces

Are you old enough to remember back in the days of Pet Rocks, when the biggest act in the world was the Osmonds and everyone and his dad (literally) collected Bonsai Kittens? Ah, those were the days (of Naugahyde and ponchos).

Sadly, after a brief but ubiquitous burst of popularity, the flame of the Bonsai Kitten‘s fame flickered and died, having only a brief revival once the Web had been invented and they could suddenly do mail order. Since then, they’ve been relegated to the back rooms of curiosity shops and the less reputable kitten mills of remote Mongolia.

All that is about to change, my friends.

Announcing the Self-Bonsai Kitten!

Isn’t that fantastic? Instead of growing Bonsai Kittens the old way, by hand, you can now purchase one of the specially bred kittehs who will auto-bonsai when presented with the proper receptacle.

No more this:

Bonsai Kitteh does not want to bonsai

Bonsai Kitteh does not want to bonsai

And we stumble gaily towards a world where everything, even our Bonsai Kittehs, are automatic.

The Seventh Seal Party Conga Line

The Seventh Seal Party Conga Line

28 thoughts on “Bonsai Kitten 2011!

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  4. Too many kittehs on teh intertubez. Trust me; there is a tipping point and teh world is rapidly approaching it. The day when cats are spurned and the interwebbies are open to a bunneh invasion!

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  8. I’m with archive…LOL cats are reaching a critical mass, and will soon become toxic and even radioactive…Maybe that’s why people are trying to stuff them in jars. Questionable, at best.

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  10. It took me an hour to figure out how to leave a comment on your blog. It’s me, not you. Seriously.

    I’ve now forgotten what i was going to say.

    *insert witty comment here*

  11. todas las personas que les gusta hacer ese tipo de cosas lo van a pagar tarde o temprano como me gustaria hacerles lo mismo que falta de respeto hacia la vida esto deprimente como odio al humano

  12. Joe, the animals are, as I indicated, now self-bonsai-ing. They love it! It’s natural for them! Why can’t we just let bonsai kittehs be bonsai kittehs and do what comes naturally? Why must there always be a call to interfere with Nature’s Way?

  13. This is absolutely discusting, those poor kittens rely on us to keep them safe, doing what u do to them is sooo wrong, I feel sick knowing people do this to them! Let’s see what happends when we stick the people that do it kittens in a f*****g jar!!!! Makes me sick!!!!!!

  14. Obviously, you’ve missed the entire POINT of this post: that this new breed of kittens love living in enclosed spaces, and auto-bonsai. Please, in the name of all that is kitteh. read for comprehension next time.

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  16. You lot are all sick, wish i could stuff you all in a jar and see if you like it….come back and tell me about it please…..

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