RIP Jack Layton

Jack Layton's immortal words are right there in orange and white

Jack Layton's immortal words are right there in orange and white

RIP, Jack: one of the greats is gone. You would have been an awesome Prime Minister, and you put that kitten-whoring robot who’s serving as Fuhrer in fear of his political life!

I know what I’ll be drinking tomorrow: The Layton: orange crush and jack!

Before he left, Jack Layton wrote Canada a letter, and never was there better proof that the man held his country foremost in his thoughts and close to his heart. Here it is:

Jack Layton's Letter to Canada

Jack Layton's Letter to Canada

Jack Layton's Letter 2

Jack Layton's Letter 2

Artist Stuart Thursby has translated some of Jack’s words into the powerful art you see at the top of this post, as well as others you can download from his site (he continues to update the site with new works). (via Tris Hussey)

And here, because not everything in memory of a man like that can be somber, are the song stylings of Jack “Party for Sale or Rent” Layton. And if you despair of human nature, look at the comments on the YouTube page: that man’s power of nobility is such that it even inspired YouTubers to behave with grace.

Via Bonnie Nish of Pandora’s Collective

Jack Layton's Words. Don't forget them.

Jack Layton's Words. Don't forget them.

10 thoughts on “RIP Jack Layton

  1. I read that letter earlier this morning (someone had linked to it on twitter) and thought about what an amazing loss this is for Canada. Imagine the difference having Jack Layton as prime minister would have made. And it’s also so sad on just a human level, that such a good man had to die so young. Sad all around.

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  4. I used your last image for my Facebook photo – credited to this page. Thank you for putting the words and the man together in such a wonderful way.

  5. I admired and respected Jack so much. We will miss him and his legacy is with us. However, I can’t help but regret he did not have the opportunity to serve as our Prime Minister.

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