Should I register “rollercoaster” as well?

well what the fuck WAS that?

well what the fuck WAS that?

Ever had one of those days that starts out like that and then goes…well…like this?

That’s right, bitches.

Problems! Solved!


Problem 1) Transportation to Vancouver so I can honour my commitments to speak at and participate in Social Media Week and Social Media for Government in Victoria.

Solution 1) Hotel_Goddess, a woman who has never met me, who lives in another city from me, and who doesn’t even know my real name, promptly put her airmiles together and made a reservation for me. Now this is a religion that pays off: I am a convert! From now on, I’ll stop worshipping Cthluhu and start worshipping Hotel_Goddess, because what the hell has worshipping Cthulhu ever got me? I’ve yet to be eaten first or, really, at all recently, but there…I’ve said too much.

Problem 2) Homelessness which I think we can all agree is a helluva problem, particularly with it frosting over every night already (yes, really). Solved in bipartite mode by my friend Nancy until Monday, stowing me away in her mother’s basement (maybe Mom won’t notice? I dunno, she’s pretty sharp!) and by friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-chef-running-a-pullled-pork-truck-in-Osoyoos(and if you see him say hi from me) to whom I was introduced by email and who has a cabin which isn’t currently occupied and whose current house-sitter has other things to keep him busy for the next few weeks and maybe forever. So this cabin needs someone sitting in it, and it might as well be me. So, from Monday I am going to be sitting in a rustic two bedroom cabin/trailer/Rube Goldberg agglomeration with a view, a deck, a wood stove for heat, a gas stove for cooking, a big screen tv, and in a very funky, desirable neighborhood that’s walking distance to downtown. Like, four blocks. If the next couple of weeks work out, I might get to stay there when the owner goes up north to cater at a college, which would mean I pay for utilities and taxes and such, but no rent.

u totes jelly bro

u totes jelly bro

Oh yes, did I mention two bedrooms? One for me and one for Julian, until I coax him into getting over his crippling shyness.

Problem 3) Vancouver rent doubled from $340 to $760 or thereabouts.

Solution 3) Emailed the woman in charge of admin at Kellett and had her fax my ROE to the co-op. Did this before the last post went up, by the way. Doing it afterwards may have been less productive, knowmasayin’? Photographed my last pay stub detailing last day paid and how much I earned in all of August ($288 for the curious) and sent the digital files to the co-op. Was almost punchy enough to hit Flickr Uploader by rote, but managed to stop myself in time. It ain’t art. Then I forwarded to them the receipt from Paypal for my blogging payment for the posts I made in July. $300 US equating, after Paypal fees and the exchange rate, to about $288, sound familiar?

Co-op re-evaluated my housing charges in record time, thank GOD, and now I have to pay only the $340.

Problem 4) Unemployment=No Money. And no, I’m not eligible for BC welfare or, it seems, welfare up here either. Yay, mobility! Anyhoodle, even when one saves $400 on rent and gets another place for free, one cannot eat air. And one cannot purchase non-air foodstuffs up here for anything like spare change. A week’s groceries from Sunrise Market would cost me $12; the equivalent here (if I could even GET the equivalent here) is more like $45.

Solution 4) A very nice person on Twitter who wishes to remain anonymous because it’s a business account and they don’t want it to seem like they’re looking for publicity ALTHOUGH THEY TOTALLY DESERVE IT FOR THIS AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE sent me $250 via Paypal. This is, as with Hotel_Goddess, someone who’s never met me in person and doesn’t even know my real name. They just like the way I roll, have benefited from social media in the past, and want to pay it forward. And another friend who’s starting her own blog sent me $200 for a blogging lesson, so I can at least pay my Vancouver rent if I put the two of those together. Might even get some gruel!

If I can manage to switch my flight to the 13th instead of the 9th, I might even be able to run a workshop here at the Aurora Conference Centre. I’ve been talking with Chef Pierre and a workshop series is very doable, but I’ve missed the deadline to get an ad in to the paper in time to have a workshop before the 9th, so I have to check out the flight change tomorrow. A full workshop would mean I could pay all my arrears to the co-op and then some, and be sure of having enough money to get back up here and do another workshop. And so on. Gotta get that flight switched (might be another $100 or so) and then pick a date!

Oh, and I’m going to be speaking briefly at the Rotary North meeting this coming Thursday at the Top Knight, so if you want to meet the now-happy wanderer in person, turn up. But don’t get between me and the mic; I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.

Moral of the story: When in trouble, whine. Copiously. On every social media platform available to you.

C'mon, get HAPPY!

C'mon, get HAPPY!

20 thoughts on “Should I register “rollercoaster” as well?

  1. Cabin in Yellowknife and the guy who owns it is going even further north? Or does that mean you are going to be in my neighborhood (((thinking of a martini or two)))

  2. Cabin on Yellowknife and the owner goes even farther North for the winter. I have it for the next couple of weeks but am only on the shortlist for the whole winter. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!!!!

  3. Here I was going to celebrate your first PAID STAT in awhile ( ??? )(Stardollars?). Can’t wait to see you though!

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  5. Well, there’s none tonight.

    Here’s the decision-making process: I’ve got an airline ticket to Vancouver for the 18th. It was the 9th, but I’ve got a client doing a live web event on the 10th and she wants me here, so I changed it (at a cost of $150; I really SHOULD put in that paypal link) to the 18th. I’m going to help out at Social Media Week from the 18th to the 26th unless they’ve left me off the schedule, in which case I’ll do whatever the hell I feel like.

    IF I have a job in Yellowknife by the time I go down to Vancouver, I’ll come back. If not, I won’t.

  6. Um, sure. And I have an appointment in Vancouver I cannot miss that’s on September 29, so I’ll definitely be there till then at least. And I have to be in Victoria to speak at a conference on the 25th and 26th.

  7. Sounds like you’re on a roll. I remember when people I’ve never met in person came through for me big time in various ways. Amazing isn’t it?

  8. It sure is. I remember once, thinking by the time I was this age my life would be predictable. Whodathunk it would be far more predictable in my 20’s and early 30’s?

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  10. I’ve looked for updates on your itinerary (early this a.m. I saw you were at the Cafe accent acute). Does your appointment on Thursday require you to be astute? If so, what about after? Twenty more questions.

  11. On Thursday, I only have to be at a Telus presentation and maybe a meetup with a Toronto photographer. So no, I don’t have to be acute. Today I do, because I’m speaking at a conference on social media and government. But how am I going to do that when I had to wake up at 6am????

    By the way, there’s a shebeen club meeting on Monday, probably at the Shebeen.

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