Attention: we’re all fucked


Orca Flight

Orca Flight

Yep, we’re all fucked, ladies and gentlemen. This image (stolen from Facebook) clearly shows that British Columbian killer whales have learned how to fly. And oh, you smug land-going krill? You’re not safe either, as this footage of a flying humpback demonstrates. Being heavier, it’s harder for them to achieve and maintain the airborne state, but once they master this, no life-form is safe.


17 thoughts on “Attention: we’re all fucked

  1. Good thing the Dollar Shave Club is selling moist wipes. I’m gonna need quite a few if I’m confronted with one of these at my apartment (I’m a few floors off the ground and miles from sea, but these are clever bastards).

  2. They are indeed. I’m only glad they’re too big to get up the front stairs of my place. I’m never coming down. Hope I don’t run out of KD.

  3. The whales have decided that waiting on the Enterprise to come back through time and save them is silly. Therefore, they have decided to teach themselves to fly, and will continue practicing until they achieve escape velocity.

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