We are fucked, my friends

We are fucked, my friends

What did I say? WHAT DID I SAY?

I said, “We’re all fucked.”

We just got 25% more fucked.

Orcas can fly. Cougars can swim. Meerkats can operate AK-47’s. Raccoons have taken up swordfighting. And now, sharks can walk.

Good luck trying to get back to sleep tonight. THAT is in the ocean off the Moluccas. I swam in that water. That’s what’s down there. And you wonder why I don’t go in the ocean anymore.

Keep Calm and Hail Cthulhu

Keep Calm and Hail Cthulhu

11 thoughts on “THEY WALK!

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  3. Hi! Unrelated to your post but I know that you know a thing or two about WP. How did you get the “random raincoaster” button? That thing is so cool! Thanks.

  4. I’ll admit that i’m not techy at all but I’m struggling with this tutorial. When I get to” Hover over “Blog Info” on the Admin bar and a dropdown menu will appear.
    Hover over “Random Post” and copy the URL onto your clipboard.” part, I can’t find either admin bar to hover over. Is this because I’m using a different theme?

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