Zombie Sex Guide: a public service announcement

Today’s safe sex warning comes to us from Zombieland, just in time for Halloween. While you’re out there shopping for your Slutty Zombie/Playa Zombie costume, remember not to make it too realistic. You don’t want anyone avoiding you because of any of the following zombie-specific sex challenges:

  • crotch rot
  • S&M without the sting
  • insertion without the option of exertion (dropped limb syndrome)
  • or the truly terrifying consequences of necronautical oral sex:
That totally blows, guys
Zombie blow jobs suck.

Oral sex can be challenging for zombies, especially if you’re in a state of advanced decay or have taken a lot of physical damage. The repetitive sucking and mouth movement can overtax the jaw joint and cause permanent dislocation of the mandible. In addition, your partner’s genitalia may have degenerated to the point of being unrecognizable. And if you thought the smell was bad before…

Quiz: are you a trick or a treat?

That can be taken any number of ways. As can many of the tricks I know, for a reasonable fee.

You Are a Trick

You were a very mischievous kid, and you still have a naughty streak in you as an adult.


You may not go off and toilet paper people’s houses anymore, but you’re still up for a lighthearted prank every now and then.

You are truly fearless. You live in the moment, and you’re ready to take on any challenge or dare.

Your wild antics sometimes do get you in trouble, but you’re also very talented at getting yourself out of trouble!

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Why Halloween has never really caught on in Europe

It’s everyone’s favorite nutty Frenchman, Remi Gaillard, with his patented, trademarked, and copyrighted brand of divine madness.

Bat? Man? Tard?

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Digital Shrine at Parade of Lost Souls: Participate!

Parade of Lost Souls

(psst, can I get some coverage up in here? Links, tweets, emails, posts gratefully accepted. Spread the word and win fabulous, yet completely imaginary, prizes)

stolen from the FearlessCity website:

Fearless City LogoSaturday, Oct 25th, 2008, Grandview Park, Vancouver, BC
Time: 6.30 PM, procession at 7:00 PM

The Parade of the Lost Souls is a lively commemoration of the cycle of life and death, and of facing fears in order to live life to its fullest. Costumed stilt walkers, jugglers, dancers, skeletal brides, blessed witches, ghastly ghouls, and prancing pixies lead a walking procession through the neighbourhood to honour the dead, wake the living and celebrate.

The Digital Shrine at Parade of the Lost Souls is an installation where hand-made / solid shrine objects are placed, notes of remembrance can be written and posted on paper or video, and a
projection screen mixes text, pictures and video. The Digital Shrine is a way to pay tribute to friends and loved ones who have DIED or things that have PASSED.

Send your text, images, video up to 10mb to Shrine08 curator Flick Harrison: shrine08 at publicdreams dot org

OR post to YOUTUBE / FLIKR & tag with shrine08 and we’ll find it!

Deadline for youtube / flikr / email content: Oct 24th

Text / picture SMS messages: During Parade only.

text / pic to: 778-320-6673

or TWITTER #shrine08

Or come to Shrine Making Workshops:


and SEE THE DIGITAL SHRINE at Grandview Park at Parade of Lost Souls

Terms of Use: All submissions will be licensed to Public Dreams Society under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5, Canada terms.

Digital Shrine Website, including submission instruction sheet /handbill:

Public Dreams Society thanks Fearless City Mobile and DTES Community Arts Network for their help in creating the Digital Shrine.

Flick Harrison
Digital Shrine 08 Curator
shrine08 AT publicdreams DOT org

Downtown Eastside Artist Opportunity

Fearless City Logo

**please post and forward

Fearless City Mobile Call for Participants
Short-term contracts for Downtown Eastside Residents,

We are fast approaching Fearless City Mobile’s exciting upcoming project-
Parade of Lost Souls, on Saturday October 25th, and are looking for 10 people to bring the Mobile Souls and Digital Shrine to life.

The Parade of the Lost Souls is a Grandview-Woodland’s Community
Halloween event that celebrates the cycle of life & death, and
encourages us to face our fears in order to live life to its fullest.
It is a time and a place to share losses at one of the many shrines
and celebrate life and to enrich our community. It takes Place on
Saturday October 25th, beginning at Grandview Park at 6:30pm. A
parade/procession will snake throughout the commercial drive area,
beginning at the NE corner of the park at 7pm.

Mobile Souls is a montage of live streaming video of the Parade and
installations along the route, as well as ‘mms’ texts and digital cell
phone images from festival attendees, that will be sifted, VJ’d and
projected. The montage will be projected on a screen at the corner of
Kitchener and Commercial and animated by live shadow puppet performers.

Fearless City Mobile will also be supporting the Digital Shrine
installation in Grandview Park. The shrine consists of digital images,
text and video sent in by community members in advance, as well as
mms texts sent in throughout the event.

Parade of Lost Souls is produced by the Public Dreams Society. For
more information on the event you can visit www.publicdreams.org.

Fearless City Mobile is a project of the Fearless Media Cluster of the
DTES Community Arts Network. For more information visit


We are looking for 10 people in total to fill the following positions.

You do not need to have any experience with the following equipment,
software, or technology to apply for this opportunity.
**** All technical
equipment will be provided by Fearless city Mobile:

a) 1x VJ Assistant (Mobile Souls): Assisting VJ Jesse Scott in sorting
through incoming live streamed mobile video, still images and text. Text
will be manipulated in Livetype and exported into Modul8, the software
that will mix the video, text and still images.

b) 1x VJ Assistant (Digital Shrine): Assisting VJ Suez Holland and
Cultural Curator Flick Harrison in sorting through incoming live streamed
still images and text. Text will be manipulated in Livetype and exported
into Modul8, the software that will mix the text and still images with the
video material that flick has collected prior to the event. Video will not
be live streamed to this station.

c) 4x Mobile Videographers: Shooting mobile video of the event and
live-streaming it to the Mobile Souls VJ Station via Livecast.
Videographers will be positioned throughout the parade.

d) 4x Mobile SMS/MMS Outreachers: Outreaching to Parade of Lost
Souls attendees and introducing them to the Mobile Souls cell phone
texting platform. Instructing attendees on how to text in their
reflections and comments about the event to a specified Mobile
Souls phone number. These texts will be downloaded by a sift tool to
the VJ Stations.

You are also required to offer to text peoples comments for them
on your own phone, and to demonstrate the process.

The responsibilities for this contract include:

1. Attending an orientation workshop on Wednesday October 22 from
1-6pm at the Lori Krill Co-op at 65 W. Cordova

2. Attending the event on Saturday October 25th from setup at
5:00pm until the event ends at 12am. Wearing Halloween Costumes is

3. Completing a participant feedback form.

The Artist Fee for each position is $200.00.

Please submit a short paragraph stating your interest in the
project and a position to amy at fearlessmedia.ca by Tuesday October 21
at 12noon.

Amy Kazymerchyk
Fearless City Mobile
DTES Community Arts Network.