raincoaster, caught on film!

Contrary to the rumours going around, I do in fact register on film and even show up in mirrors from time to time, though never for very long, lest I shatter the glass. I learned my lesson from that portrait session; replacing lenses is pricey!

So her is a shot of me and my pal Uni Corn at Workspace (RIP), just to prove that not only can we both be caught on film, but also nuts to all the people who say I no longer qualify for hanging out with unicorns, so there nyeah. I am a Charter Member of the Royal Society of Unicorn Watchers, I’ll have you know.

Uni Corn and me

He says: “Web Cafes are a great place to pick up chicks” and we all know that chicks love a unicorn!

We are currently in discussions to form an alliance against the Meerkat Conspiracy. Will keep you informed! A coalition of unicorns, fairies, and raincoaster’s army would be insurmountable!

So to speak.

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