Enjoying First Nations/Aboriginal Summer

Car Free Day Vancouver

Car Free Day Vancouver

I understand Summer has come late to the Southlands, and that they are currently reveling in hour after hour of sunlight, near-perfect temperatures and cool, meadow-scented breezes. When this rare occurrence … um … occurs, there’s only one thing to do: ditch the vehicle and spend as much time as possible en plein air, as enthusiastically demonstrated by the hero of our little video here:

Tragically, he is stopped in his tracks by an architectural befuddlement so befuddling it has foiled such capable combatants as the Police and the Daleks! That’ll teach him to play in the shade when the sun is out!

Daleks rule the world but only on the ground level

Daleks rule the world but only on the ground level

Numa Numa Unicorn Chaser

Spock is logical awesome. The internet, on the other hand, is Illogical Awesome.

Spock is logical awesome. He runs a digital media marketing agency in Soho. The internet, on the other hand, is Illogical Awesome.

You can’t tell me kids can’t tell quality when they see it. They may not know why they’re reacting, but they can’t help themselves.

Same as you.

“I don’t think they’ve added the word to the dictionary to describe this.”

Actually, maybe they have, kid. Could be this one,

“Absence of Quality is the essence of squareness. ”
— Robert M. Pirsig (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values)

“The result is rather typical of modern technology, an overall dullness of appearance so depressing that it must be overlaid with a veneer of “style” to make it acceptable. And that, to anyone who is sensitive to romantic Quality, just makes it all the worse. Now it’s not just depressingly dull, it’s also phony. Put the two together and you get a pretty accurate basic description of modern American technology: stylized cars and stylized outboard motors and stylized typewriters and stylized clothes. Stylized refrigerators filled with stylized food in stylized kitchens in stylized homes. Plastic stylized toys for stylized children, who at Christmas and birthdays are in style with their stylish parents. You have to be awfully stylish yourself not to get sick of it once in a while. It’s the style that gets you; technological ugliness syruped over with romantic phoniness in an effort to produce beauty and profit by people who, though stylish, don’t know where to start because no one has ever told them there’s such a thing as Quality in this world and it’s real, not style. Quality isn’t something you lay on top of subjects and objects like tinsel on a Christmas tree. Real Quality must be the source of the subjects and objects, the cone from which the tree must start.”
— Robert M. Pirsig

or maybe this one,

The precise value of the Golden Ratio is expressed mathematically as the never-ending and never-repeating number 1.6180339887…., a number that can go on indefinitely. Because of its infinite capacity, the Golden Ratio cannot be expressed as a whole number or as a fraction; it is therefore considered an irrational number. Greek mathematician Hippasus of Metapontum has been credited with the distinction of discovering this irrational basis of the Divine Proportion.

According to tradition, his discovery shocked the Pythagoreans whose world view is based on the integrity of whole numbers and their ratios, an integrity that has been extended beyond numbers to the harmonic progression of notes in musical scales and the cosmic harmony of the spheres.

or maybe it’s something else. But it’s something.

Also: what is it with the boys in the red shirts? They sure don’t last long as ensigns on Star Trek, but they obviously have their heads screwed on right; they’re the smartest ones on the video. And someone needs to switch that little girl in the splashy dress to decaf, stat!

Care for a flashback, Interwebs? The Original Numa Numa, with an estimated 700,000, 000 hits and counting.

Also, the next time some agency drone says, “We can make you a viral video” think about this. Think about the randomness, thing about the abandonment, the Gonzo, think about the passion that existed just in that one moment, just in that one take, and to which nearly three-quarters of a billion people have responded. And then ask yourself why this agency drone thinks they can do that for you, and then realize that he is knowingly lying to you.

Virality happens, and it happens for certain reasons, but some of those reasons are not adequately explained in a course on digital marketing, are they?

The Most Beautiful Anti-Vivisection Music Video You Will See Today

Guaranteed. Nothing gross here, just the beautiful and the sad. Never let it be said that Mylene Farmer doesn’t go all-out with her videos; California was the most expensive music video ever made. This one is called Si j’avais au moins… Sharp-eyed readers may spot the hypocrisy inherent in such an avid cosmetic surgery fan doing a video like this, but hey: PRETTY!

There, I THINK that video will play now. I hate YouTube.

Deadbeat Club Unicorn Chaser

It hasn't begun till the unicorn sings

It hasn't begun till the unicorn sings

So it’s a little later than Wednesday this week; still, you can always use a good unicorn chaser, can you not? And what could be perkier, happier, or more charming than the B-52’s singing the theme song of every blogger I know, Deadbeat Club?

I once had a Facebook group called that, for the purpose of hosting FNFF, short for Friday Night Fuck Fest, but consisting of people who generally have nothing better to do on a Friday night than sit at the computer, drinking, and commenting on other people’s websites. Which actually isn’t a bad way to spend a Friday night, if you have half a bottle of something decent, a good connection, and time on your hands. Now that I don’t have an office, even a home office, anymore, those days are behind me. I swear, I’m paying so damn much for inferior coffee every damn day that I might as well just rent an office; it’d be cheaper.

Hence this choice of Unicorn Chaser.

It should also be noted that, after several years’ quest, I finally have that leopard coat. I do not, however, have the huge ’60’s eyes, but it’s on my wish list for the next life.

Deadbeat Club

I was good, I could talk

A mile a minute,

On this caffeine buzz I was on

We were really hummin’

We would talk every day for hours

We belong to the deadbeat club

Anyway we can,

We’re gonna find something

We’ll dance in the garden

In torn sheets in the rain

We’re the deadbeat club

We’re the deadbeat club
Going down to Allen’s for

A twenty-five cent beer

And the jukebox playing real loud,

“Ninety-six tears”

We’re wild girls walkin’ down the street

Wild girls and boys going out for a big time

Let’s go crash that party down

In Normaltown tonight

Then we’ll go skinny-dippin’

In the moonlight

We’re wild girls walkin’ down the street

Wild girls and boys going out for a big time

Anyway we can

We’re gonna find something

We’ll dance in the garden

In torn sheets in the rain


Oh no! Here they come

The members of the deadbeat club

World’s Coolest PhD Thesis

You think I’m joking, don’t you? You probably think this is some moderately-snazzy, TED-derivative powerpoint dog and pony show, doncha? Well think again, pal, because this is an award-winning microbiology PhD defense from Carleton University, presented as interpretive dance.

I say again:

this is an award-winning microbiology PhD defense from Carleton University, presented as interpretive dance.


via BMD Love Blog