Hacked. Someone soon to be whacked.

Fine, hack my site. Change my immortal prose; anything you could do would be inferior. It wouldn't bother me, and might be good for a laugh.

But do not take the post below this and change "Stephen Harper" into "Paul Martin" while I am out at dinner.

Not if you value the only testicle you possess.

I will take my born-and-raised-on-military-bases fist and I will put my father's medals in it and I will go proctological and evisceratory on your sad, sorry and pox-ridden ass.

And I will hunt you down and post your name, address, phone number, tween-baiting Myspace site, LavaLife profile, and dick size to this website (it can measure down to electron microscope levels), and then I will go down to the police station and I will hook this up to the cyberstalker of several years ago, and they will hunt you down and they will spay and neuter what's left of you once I'm done, and we will ship it to your mother in eight separate Tupperware containers.

In the meantime, sodium fluoroacetate solution brings weight loss & penis growth. Try it!!

Save me some time, Loserboy.


CIA Surrender Manual. Think About It. You'll Love PMITA Prison

5 thoughts on “Hacked. Someone soon to be whacked.

  1. ermmm… If anything I have said could be construed as being disrespectful of Canadians of the female persuasion I would like to offer an unconditional apology forthwith! May I go now? Please!

  2. Jack, I would never say this in front of Boris, but I consider you a Fellow Traveller, regardless of your politics. All your no doubt stainless-steel testicles are safe from moi.

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