today in “experiencing technical difficulty” news

Just because I don’t post anything for 72 hours, is that any reason to abandon me??? Have you no idea what this does to my self-esteem? It’s like the Tink death scene in Peter Pan; every time I get a hit that isn’t looking for mango porn I perk up a bit. Anything less than 300 and I am prone to sudden fainting spells.

On that note I would like to welcome the person who came via a search for “why is everyone looking for charo,” because we are, indeed, all about the Charo here on the raincoaster blog.

6 thoughts on “today in “experiencing technical difficulty” news

  1. Sorry I hadn’t been around – been working on the next three episodes of “Frontier Editor’s Dance Party.” God I’ve got creepy musical tastes.

    Come on over – I’ll spring for the Bombay Sapphire

  2. Hi

    I’ve had a funny 72 hours too raincoaster.

    I’ve moved back up North, they are whinging about the heat here too, but at least my old mates are here and at least we don’t have a hosepipe ban.

    Gonna stop blogging and sort out a new job, life etc.

    Will read your blog occasionally though, it is quite cool.

    Maybe one day i’ll get a blog of my own (if I can be arsed).

    If you get your passport sorted the drinks are still on me (only not as many, doctors orders).

    Feel free to email, i’ll be checking it every week or so.

    Lots of love


  3. Internet got cut off, couldn’t coordinate re-connection over the weekend. Very unfortunate, too, as I got a desperate email on Friday for a job interview on Saturday…which I got Saturday evening. Not to mention that I applied for the job June 7th; perhaps I’ll get it anyway. Wish me luck.

    I hope to have Inet again on Monday. If not, perhaps I’ll just make a nuisance of myself at Pivot all week.

    Thanks Steven, good luck with the new life. Blogs are easy. The internet will be here any time you’re ready. Meanwhile, the passport is gonna hafta wait till I get a little more $, alas.

  4. So I can shut down the missing bloggers’ report?

    Well, er, actually it’s too late. We reported you presumed dead yesterday, had a service and everything. It was very beautiful, moving, and the coffin looked terrific–you should have been there.

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