Operation Global Media Domination: Blogworth

We’re all familiar with the term “blogworthy” by now. Wil Wheaton has a t-shirt that says “I’m blogging this” but really, for most of us it goes without saying.

It goes without saying that most of what we experience actually isn’t. Blogworthy, that is. Which is sad, when you come to think of it. Ever read a LiveJournal? With rare exceptions (called “aberrant” statistically speaking) LiveJournal is where things that are not blogworthy go to get, after a fashion, blogged.


Had to take the kitty to the vet today. Not the big one, the little one. The vet was nice. I can’t stand vet’s offices, they smell so bad LOL!!!1 Mike won’t tell me what he’s planning for our anniversary, but I’m so tired of Tahoe. Why can’t he see that I want to do a yoga retreat in the Northwest Territories. He knows I’d vote Democrat, if he’d ever drive me to the polls, but he always says next time, LOL!!!1 He’s so cute, God is good to me. I’m going to post pix of my latest scrapbooking project l8r!

etc. Ad nauseum.


While there is no objective test for what is, or is not, blogworthy (getting Farked, Boinged, or Gawked aside), there is now a (glitchy, somewhat arbitrary) test for what your blog is worth, thanks to Pingoat.

Now, I really don’t know how this works, on a deep-down level. But it must be admitted that I do not actually care, either. Basically what it does is take your Technorati rank and equate it with a dollar figure. Whether a big blog sale or book deal affects the size of each individual “Technorati Unit” I do not know, although it certainly should, as should a market correction, ie the bottom dropping out of the blog market.

It’s not an estimate of the blog’s value as a whole on the open market; that’s far too subjective, given that the market for blogs is so small. It also doesn’t seem to take into account whether the blog accepts advertising or not. I don’t, some are plastered with ads (and thus make money) but that doesn’t make any difference here.

No, the reason I like this tool is simple: since I inserted the wee button in my sidebar it tells me in an instant whether I’m up or down relative to the blogosphere at large. I don’t have to go to Technorati and sign in. I don’t have to check Google Blog Search for links that don’t show up on Technorati. I don’t have to do anything more than look over on my sidebar, and as I am constitutionally lazy, I like that.

Your Blog’s Value is $237.11!

Inbound links: 199
Technorati rank: 48998

Up 3,000 from yesterday, woohoo!

13 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: Blogworth

  1. Your welcome. I’ve been reading your blog tonight; you’re a very generous man to post emory’s “work”. I do not understand why that contrarian troll is treated with such respect. His posts are nothing but, as I said, contrarian trolling, and his claim to be a liberal would be laughable if it were not obscene.

  2. The test of whether a blog is worth reading is in the writing. Those of us who wish to be credible don’t bother with “LOL”, “L8R”, “&c”. We use actual words and punctuation and everything!

  3. But apparently don’t read blog posts carefully. If I have made NOTHING else clear in the history of the raincoaster blog, I thought I had made clear just how much I despise LiveJournal and all the home-schooling desperate housewifing for which it stands.

    The Blogworth indicator isn’t an indicator of whether or not a blog is worth reading. It’s just a relative measure of how widely a blog IS read.

    And there are some beautiful examples of leetspk, although I’d avoid most blogs written entirely in that style. But it does some creative things for poetry, let me tell you that.

  4. Your blogs only up in value coz I’ve been blogging on it – you remember just that next time you say ‘phooey’ to me!

  5. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. See Steven, if you HAD a blog you could link to me in it and put me in your blogroll and that would boost my blog value by thirty bucks. As it is, you point trolls towards me, who take one look at the things I say to my commentors and go hide under the sofa.

    And what’s this? No comment on my Cybermen Call Centre post? When I put it up just for you. Sniff….I’m so unappreciated.

  6. I thought you posted that for me!

    And I think you misunderstood my earlier comment. The spirit was general agreement with your post, and an opinion that there is a fairly objective test for the worthiness-to-be-read of a given blog.

    As to what events are blogworthy–everything and nothing. That “vet” post might have been beautiful, properly written and dissected.

    The life unexamined is not worth blogging.

  7. I dunno; the blogs I read are not necessarily beautifully-written. They are just interesting; they may be beautiful, they may have gorgeous art or video or music (in this I depart from Scoble’s views), they may be informative, or they may simply be amusing, even in their incompetence.

    Ruskin said not to have anything in your house that you did not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. But Ruskin, I remind you, was not a blogger.

  8. Ha! Who sleeps? You think I’m up at 3 writing witty comments all over your blog because I want to be?

    Maybe your marvelous mammoth minders could knock of the gag science (there are no mammoths–the Earth is only 5,000 years old, these hairy elephants all drowned in the Flood and were replaced by smooth ones with better aquadynamic characteristics–which still isn’t Evolution!) and grow me a new set of lungs?

    I’m only up because I have to wait ten minutes for the wheeze meds to kick in.

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