my country, the homewrecker

Dudley did right!Viva Canuckistan!

Yes, it’s our fault that Paul McCartney is divorcing Heather Mills. Specifically, it’s the fault of the Federal Fisheries Minister, Loyola Hearn. At least he has the whatever-fish-have-instead-of-balls to take responsibility; he also fesses up to having been behind the Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock re-uptuals.

CBC has the report:

Federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn said he and fellow Newfoundlander Danny Williams helped take the shine off the former Beatle’s relationship with Heather Mills. So how did a couple of East Coasters manage to orchestrate such a stunning marital meltdown?

Hearn said it all started with McCartney‘s famous appearance last spring on the “Larry King LiveCNN show. McCartney, an animal rights activist, was debating Williams, the Newfoundland and Labrador premier, on the merits of the seal hunt.

Hearn said McCartney showed respect for the points Williams made in defence of the hunt, but his wife – apparently a more zealous anti-sealing activist – was “not so gracious…”

Of course, it hasn’t been all bad news for anti-sealing celebrities. Hearn noted that Pamela Anderson got hitched – to musician Kid Rock – after protesting the seal hunt.

You can imagine our pride…

5 thoughts on “my country, the homewrecker

  1. I’d have thought the stabbing-me-with-a-broken-glass issue had more to do with it than some Peta PR event.

    How come no-one asks Pammie about all those dead sili whose cones were torn from them and implanted in her chest?

  2. They were recycled, duh. They were Buddhist anyway, probably thought they’d be reincarnated as something more sublime than Pammy’s chest.

    You can write your own punchline, dear reader.

  3. Oh I always thought her chest was sublime.

    To explain a bit–I really used to like and respect her, if not exactly as a New Woman then at least as a canny and savvy one. Decorative and often even articulate–not characteristics one expects from TV stars. Especially ones who launched their career in the shadow of Hasselhof.

    Unfortunately, since the Scientologits of PETA got a-hold of her the most use she’s gotten out of her head is as a fetching display stand for new hats.

  4. She is funny, I’ll give her that, and she’s got no illusions about herself. But man, she was prettier before she had all the work done. Remember her from Tool Time?

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