Operation Global Media Domination: Best Blog award nominations are open

TIAYou know what to do.

Here is where to do it.

I think it’s probably best if I concentrate on this one, but I’ve also auto-nominated in this one. Gee, does this mean I’ll go blind? All nominations and votes will be gratefully accepted and you’ll be placed on my Christmas email list. Don’t let it go to your head, eh?

Seriously, there must be eight or ten of these popularity contests that I’ve heard of lately, but this is the first one I haven’t missed the deadline for. The only problem with being so weird is that it sorta limits your category choices: there’s no option for Best Cthulhu Mythos and Celebrities Making Asses of Themselves Blog.

But I would own that.

3 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: Best Blog award nominations are open

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  2. Obviously I’ve pissed off the gods of the internet. Somehow it seems that about half of the comments I post–and I agree there are perhaps too many, particularly here, are sucked into cyberspace and perish.

    This wouldn’t annoy me–except that the Webbys seem to have a policy of 100%-Metro-Free! I tried to nominate you, but I’m being unfairly censored.

    If I suddenly become an unperson, archive my blog, willya? Once you decode the secret messages you’ll know why this is happening.

  3. Metro, if you check your own comments you’ll see the explaination. Haven’t you read their instructions? This is NOT voting. There are no comment threads on the main site; they are not voting threads; they are nomination threads. They request that each site be nominated only once; long conversations, arguments, and repetitive nominations will be treated as Spam and slow the whole thing down.

    You left four identical comments here yesterday. I had to wade through eight hundred spams to find them. Do not do that again. I will not do that again, I can tell you.

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