stay gold, Brian Atene, stay gold

Or at least gold-plated.

Here’s the real Brian Atene. He’s alive. He’s not fat. He’s still Over-the-Top and if you liked his cheesy bits here’s more of them. Atene Beat fans are logging onto and scooping-up those groovey Superman dogtags. Show support. Go forward! Get tagged and enjoy the unlikely life and madness of Brian Atene.

From the ashes of a now-legendary audition tape flameout rises the real 43-year-old Brian Atene, as overacty as ever and more than willing to make a fool of himself on YouTube if it coaxes the public into following his nerdy Master Plan and making the world a better place by buying dog tags from

also stolen from Defamer. What can I say, Gawker sux since they hired the twin Hermiones!

5 thoughts on “stay gold, Brian Atene, stay gold

  1. Its stay gold pony boy isn`t it , from “The Outsiders”? . I so rarely get your references that I `m leaping on this one in a graceless uncool way and I don`t care . My theory , which was a joke , that men regain their dominance”through sheer wit and wisdom”, falls down badly; as you would expect..
    Raincoaster , you may not havenoticed but in the papers this eve in the UK there is a web rage incident . Somone ,accussed of being paedophile , worked out who someone else was and travelled hundreds of miles with an axe . He wasnot entirely succesful but was able to inflict considerble damage. Is this the first web rage incident anywhere . I `m taking you to be the expert on all things virtual. Youseem to want to title ..perhaps you should have an honour ,”Baroness Web”

  2. Check the links.

    Is this the first web rage incident anywhere? Puh-leeze! It’s not even blogworthy. I’ve even tried to have a New Zealander arrested for impersonating Viggo Mortensen, but everyone else was so embarrassed they’d believed it that they wouldn’t back me up.

  3. Man, I have more respect for Brian Atene every time I watch this. He has, indeed, owned his mortifying legacy.

    newmania: earlier this year alone a Canadian used a US database of sex offenders to track down and kill several of them. It’s not really Net Rage at all; it’s simple rage, facilitated by geolocation tools available on the net. Net Rage itself is homicidal anger incited by events which took place only in cyberspace, and yes, it’s led people to kill. Currently there is an epidemic of bullied student suicides in Japan, and they post about their intentions to kill themselves quite freely.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

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