sick leave for all!

Flu of 1918

As a good anarchal communist and a functional socialist, I support paid sick leave for all. Capitalists whine, and say that sickos aren’t helping our economy any, but hey, with healthcare the fastest-growing industry, what would happen if all of a sudden nobody went to the doctor anymore? Global collapse, that’s what would happen! I’m telling you, besides staving off global communist revolution, supplying paid sick leave provides real benefits to the country, any country. Such as?

Such as, did you know that very likely none, repeat, none of the people who handle your food before you eat it get paid sick leave? Also, that none of them get paid enough to stay home when they’re sick and just blow off a day’s pay? And do you know what that means for the state of the food you get? That’s right, it’s accompanied by an invisible garnish of everything they’ve picked up recently, from the salmonella on the eggshells for the eggs benny they made before they tossed your salad to the flu virus they got from the doorknob. And no, they don’t wear gloves. Paid sick leave for all workers, from minimum wage on up would cut off a major source of transmission right there.

Not only that, but it can prevent criminal arrest and incarceration. At an average cost of over $36,000 p.a., prison is an expensive option. Imagine the savings to the American people if this guy had gotten fifty bucks to just stay home instead.

A man is in police custody in Sacramento, Calif., after his attempt to rob a bank was foiled by his own runny nose. Sudan Provost, 40, entered a bank in downtown Sacramento Friday afternoon and announced in a low voice that he was there to rob it — but apparently, nobody heard him, the Sacramento Bee reported. Provost then walked up to a teller’s window, indicated he was armed and asked for a tissue…

That is one tough teller. “I’ve got a gun, give me a Kleenex.” “No.” Sick Leave for All!
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6 thoughts on “sick leave for all!

  1. Your output is absolutely astonishing R break or not . You seem to wrok harder than I do and yet I am in full time employment .

    Only love can be the inspiration. Love of …………your fellow man of course

  2. An excellent point. During my sunny daze in the financial services industry I was perplexed by the attitudes of management towards illness in employees. “I don’t care if you have the Spanish flu, I need that spreadsheet!” and so on. Back when I used to manage a small business I would tell the employees: “If you’re gonna give it to me, and if you don’t really need the money, stay home and get well. I’ll get you some extra paid leave.” And, at least most of the time, I did. Of course, as you point out, that’s not always possible and is practically never possible in foodservice, of all things. Would you like some phlegm with that?

  3. My job includes a good deal of writing and research about workplace health and safety issues.

    The real problem of what is lately termed “presenteeism” is that you can only infect people when your own symptoms have either not set in or have diminished to next-to-nowt. Those are the times when either free-roaming opportunistic viruses are settling on your skin and about all your orifices, or when the last survivors, having been trounced by your immune system, are manning their little lifeboats and rowing away on a tide of your mucous, calling at ports along the way such as doorknobs, keyboards, credit cards, taps, et al.

    So we might call in on the one day we feel $#!7tiest, but as soon as we feel better we are encouraged by our deranged and value-distorted workplace culture to return to work dribbling viruses on our co-workers and friends. Some health economists reckon every returning employee infects, on average, two other people.

    When people say “There’s a bug going around”, they mean YOU.

    Worse yet, even when you’re “just a little under the weather”, you’re not working even as inefficiently as you normally do. So you’re underproducing AND making everyone else sick. And they’ll do the same dumb thing when their symptoms break out because, primarily, our work culture tells them they shouldn’t “let down the team” or some similar stuidity.

    From a capitalist standpoint, this is the equivalent of forcing your employees to burn large piles of your money.

    The smartest thing would be to institute a “no-sniffle” policy. As soon as the cold sets in, you take three days minimum. You get paid for two (I personally feel you should get all of it, but let’s think motivation for now). If you need more, you get a doctor’s note and take three more days off.

    You infect fewer people, and you get a few days off to lie around, feel rotten, and watch TV–without having to pay special attention to the 1-800-loanshark commercials.

    As always, however, I have a better idea:
    I have noticed that for the reasons as noted, we are most infectious when we feel healthy. I therefore recommend on an unscientific but truthy basis that all people who feel healthy should stay home.

  4. Paid sick leave for kids, too.

    About two months ago there was a horrible stomach flu going around. They (the Man) finally got their act together and closed down the schools for a day or so.

    Flu stopped.

  5. Yep, schools are a major vector in the spread of infectious diseases, to the point where closing schools is act #1 in the Vancouver Bird Flu emergency plan.

    As for me, I’m unemployed, so I just stay home all the time. My blog is probably filled with cooties (mostly found under the Squid tag).

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