quiz: what kind of intellectual are you?

Not a whole lot of options here, but then, if you know anything about intellectuals, you know they really only do come in three flavours, existentialist/theist schism notwithstanding.

yup, that's me. Intellectual Barbie!

You scored as Aspiring Intellectual. You truly believe that there is more to our existence than to work and die. Kudos to you, maybe one day you will have the understanding you truly deserve.

Aspiring Intellectual
Social Intellectual
Poser Intellectual

What type of intellectual are you?
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12 thoughts on “quiz: what kind of intellectual are you?

  1. I always think the word “aspiring” is overused. I am an intellectual. I don’t hope to become one, I AM one, dammit! Or is that “damme”?

    I also wonder why the numbers don’t add up to 100. Yours is the closest I’ve seen, so that must mean you’re the most balanced intellectual. Congrats!

  2. My total came to 115%, but 20% of that was poser.

    On the other hand, I’m expected to take that from a quiz that a) can’t add and b) has an advert for mood rings on the page?

  3. Aspiring Intellectual 55%

    Social Intellectual 35%

    Poser Intellectual 20%

    110% and an advert for the Citykids Foundation (with cool Keith Haring logo). Perhaps the advert reflects the quiz taker? ;)

  4. I was just kinda joshing with Metro about the ads that show up there … didn’t know you took me as a ‘BIG poser’, RC. Live and learn, eh? :?

    Been offline for a few days so just saw this comment now.

  5. No, I just meant he fits all the categories. I’ve got a photo of him totally nude, in a room he painted totally over, furniture and all with black and white doodles. And then he painted himself the same way, walked in to the room to pose, and sort of vanished. It’s very weird stuff.

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