speaking of Fundamentalist Christianity

Yeah, so SURPRISE! You get to be Satan's butt boy!

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11 thoughts on “speaking of Fundamentalist Christianity

  1. I must say that this comic targets the biggest concern that I have about fundamentalism, and I consider myself a fundamentalist.

    Since Christian fundamentalists do appear to have this issue I wonder: Are we all ‘jerks’ or are there just a few ‘limelight’ loud mouths who are causing problems?

    Honestly I would submit both.
    You see, inevitably there are people who must present their position and therefore must be heard. While many do go about this properly and I would submit with a proper heart, some do not–Hence, the ‘limelight’ crowd.
    Yet, on the other hand you have your everyday Christian fundamentalist being referred to as a ‘jerk,’ and they don’t understand why. Think about the people in this category, many have grown up in a traditional Bible believing church; they are: home schooled, pastors’ kids, missionaries’ kids, strong traditional morals, any or all of the above. Many of these people remain sheltered from the world far into their twenties. When they learn about what is truly out there they protect their children (and rightly so) as best they can. I strongly submit that the ‘jerk’ mentality that people so often view from fundamental Christians is simply due to the fact that many don’t properly act with the world. This is the Fundamental’s greatest strength and weakness.
    It is their weakness because understanding the world would allow them to witness to it and better fulfill the great commission. However, it is most definitely their best strength simply because they are less effected by the world; they understand and practice Holiness better then all else (i.e. the Doctrine of Separation).

    Personally, I recently became a Christian fundamentalist. I did not chose to do this because they teach the Bible (which they do), or because of the hermeneutics they hold to (which are sound). I choose Christian fundamentalism because it was a fundamentalist who truly showed me God’s love, it was the fundamentalist who allowed me to experience Christianity for what it actually is without all the bells and whistles the evangelical movement had to offer.

  2. Home schooling is actually pretty radical if you think about it, and relatively new as a social force. The connection with fundamentalist beliefs of ALL faiths is no accident.

    There’s a danger in any absolutist philosophy of being a real jerk. When you believe that you not only know the truth but have a compelling moral obligation to convert people to your way of thinking, it’s easy to let one’s manners slide. It’s a MISSION, after all. But I believe that there is always a way to engage in possibly life-changing discourse without being an ass about it. God doesn’t want robot soldiers.

  3. A brilliant comment raincoaster. I will post it on Fortean Faith if you will permit me, with appropriate links etc. If you object just shout.

    Actually I’m a bit concerned my blogs are not turning into mere raincoaster adverts – I may need to not so much get out more as stay in more and post different stuff. Hmn.

    Incidentally I agree – the fundamentalist position often seems so arrogant to me. I find they have similar ‘faith’ in all sorts of stuff.

  4. By all means. If you post the cartoon please link back to the cartoonist’s site though. And don’t forget to use BLOCK QUOTES, to show that you’re quoting someone else.

    I thought your blogs were Peter Hitchens love/hate sites?

  5. It seems there’s a feeding fest on the blog of Wife in the north as advertised by Iain Dale. After having a wider read than the link provided by Iain it’s a bit too erm… what’s the word? Don’t know but perhaps not for me. But hey, you might be interested in ‘One woman’s lonely journey into the Northern heartlands’

    Bet she’s glad it’s not the Northern Heartlands of Canada – f——- cold are they by any chance? It’s so warm here (mid-winter) the plants are coming into bud. My kids long for snow.

  6. Dear Stuart

    Thank you for your comments – I wonder how many of R-C’s loyal Supporers are Christians

    I have the honour to remain, in Christ, your obedient servant and

    Alles Gute

    G Eagle

    PS As long as our friend the fierce Gourmet-Predator Philipa (a lady of culinary taste & discrimination)is talking about the Weather, the Tree Octopus alternative to Battered Spam may lurk in the Cascadian Rain Forest unnoticed & uneaten, unless the Americans tempt them out with an exploding Whale !!!!

  7. Philipa, that Iain Dale thinks a site worth reading isn’t enough to get me to read it. I don’t think most people know how many blogs I read in a day, but enough that I’m going to have to convert to RSS or I will simply never get through it. It’s like subscribing to five newspapers a day. Besides, I think I write wonderfully, I don’t need to read yet another well-written blog. And the title sounds horribly wistful. I am SO NOT ABOUT the wistful and wan.

    G Eagle, I expect most of my readers are at least nominally Christian; in fact, I expect most of them to be vaguely, sorta-kinda believers who probably don’t participate in organized religion. The only actual athiest in my blogroll is Pharyngula, and frankly when he gets on that “I want to stomp believers into the ground” stuff I just want to slap him, however stupid Intelligent Design may be. It’s like the smokers on Boris Johnson’s site; I’ve heard exactly the same thing so many times that I have a reflex boredom reaction and I click away to another site immediately. In many ways, he’s a jerk fundamentalist athiest.

    Don’t these people know they’re boring?

  8. wow, funny. I think there are a lot of arrogant people who calls themselves Christians. But on the other side of the coin, the nicest people I know and trust are Christians too.

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