internet interpersonal skillz

from The Warehouse, via Bridlepath.

The Warehouse Internet Interpersonal skillz

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12 thoughts on “internet interpersonal skillz

  1. Hey, I know that guy from usenet! But I fixed him! I told him straight, “I didn’t delete any part of your meaningless, pointless, worthless post in order to clearly demonstrate what you are: a crossposting, non-editing, worthless, dickless, brainless, gutless, mindless, ball-less, spineless, flaccid, obese, fish-belly pale, ugly, VD-ridden, moronic, bald, hunch-backed, flat-footed, odoriferous, obnoxious, fecal-smelling, buck-toothed, physically handicapped, fungus-infected, HIV positive, mud-packing, masturbating, whining, simpering, self-important, arrogant, egomaniacal POS that takes up more bandwidth than a despicable binary-poster, and for no apparent reason beyond seeing his own defecatory vomitus slithering down the screen in vile green rivulets.”

    He never bothered me again.

  2. Archie. That is f*cking impressive! Did you steal that from Raincoaster? I think I am going to send that message to all of my so called net pals. Thanks!

    Sorry, Raincoaster, totally forgot what I was going to say to you at this point. Your boy took my breath away.

  3. Stiletto Girl, Nope, I stole it from a poster in a newsgroup I will not mention (pleading the fifth). I’ve got quite a collection of flames, long and short. :)

  4. The Marchioness

    Your Grace

    Is an Australian entitled to the protection of the 5th Amendment – or do we have to send him to Gitmo to tell us vot ve vant to kNow

    Yr Grace’s obedt servt etc

    G E

  5. No, we at the ol’ raincoaster blog do not support the globalization of American laws. We support the invasion of the continental US and the looting and burning of the White House, as we always have. As a Canadian, it’s my patriotic duty!

  6. I think our creeping cultural undermining is what’ll do it. Once they have universal health care, gun control and gay marriage their entire “traditional” foundation will crumble, and then we and the Mexicans can simply meet in the middle and get busy divvying up.

    They already have gays in their military, and when they have to face gay soldiers from the Canadian army they won’t fire on them–they’ll fall in love with them! And the US soldiers will be so worried about what orientation their trench-mates are that they’ll be unable to concentrate, resulting in a swift and bloodless victory for Canada.

    But that’s not the only way we’ll advance our aims–Already some states are tolerating Jim-Crow-like, separate-but-equal “civil unions”–but that’s just the first brick in the pyramid. Hahahahaha!

    Next we’re going to require that all guns be sold with a daisy vase installed in the barrel and a rainbow sticker on the, a-hem, butt. No self-respeckin’ redneck will dare buy another one ever! Mwahahahahaha!

  7. Just don’t be carrying a Coulter book and you should be fine. I like the way you review restaurants. But the old man? From the sounds of it he might have to find a bunker.

  8. Coulter wrote a book? Cool. Does it come with the crayons or do you have to buy them separately?

    Or did you mean a book about Coulter?

  9. I actually have a book about Coulter. I bought it because all the absurd opinions she has makes me laugh. I keep it in the bathroom in case I should run out of toilet paper.

    I shouldn’ t have wasted my money though. I should have stolen it from the library instead.

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