BoJo Lego, yo

Boris is looking a little OT&E 

Readers of the ol’ raincoaster blog will be familiar by now with the jolly sight of author, columnist, politician and television personality Boris Johnson, the simultaneously elegant and devastating revenge of the gods upon the legended dignity of the British Tory Party.

He’s a photoeditor’s delight, rumpled suit accessorized with bike clips, rips, stains of uncertain origin, or pockets lumpy from collections of mysterious objects, with his blond hair in trademark Van de Graaff style, and, generally, a backdrop of pitchfork-wielding, outraged natives.

Now, here’s Boris as you’ve never seen him before: in Lego.

bojo lego, yo

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11 thoughts on “BoJo Lego, yo

  1. A good point. Is he plastic? Wooden? I mean, you do Al Gore in Lego and you can’t tell the difference.

    This doppelganger appears to have combed his hair; that’s where the likeness falls down, in my opinion.

  2. Raincoaster – I love the photo! and the lego Boris; I wonder how you get to be so well informed across the Pond?!

    I have always said that you are as sharp as a tack…


  3. Your Grace

    Schocking – Ladies and Children …. & a talented Curmudgeonly Anti-Podean Writer read this Blog !!!

    Melissa …. WebMISTRESS, surely … Melisam Melisarum ….

    Nil Rei publicae Romanae desperandum est

    What do they teach in Schools these days


    G Eagle

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