WWJD? If He had His hands free, I mean…


Adjust this guy’s technique?
And…what would Jesus scream at climax?


from Time, via Gawker.

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22 thoughts on “WWJD? If He had His hands free, I mean…

  1. There’s something in this picture that makes me want to be there. The colors are fantastic. The guy’s technique is called “praying”, I guess, which should be enough in itself to satisfy Jesus.

  2. AHA! I am wise in the ways of the internet, oh interdlex, and figured that was just a sneaky way of getting me into that accursed thread. But did I reply before scrolling up to see? Nooooo. No, I did not. The effects of secondhand comments are well-known to science, and I avoid all contact with such.

  3. I was just thinking that that list was missing something like:

    # 1XX “If I build a giant robot, its circuitry will be sophisticated enough to defeat my 5-Year-Old Advisor’s attempts to hijack its loyalties. Likewise, it will be designed so that a random blaster shot will not send it careening berserkely through my Lair, nor turn it against me personally. Instead, it will simply stop working.”

  4. Actually, I was considering FFE’s proposal. It’s a good idea, but first I need to get through the 3-Day Novel Contest.

    If the world rejects my opus then I can grow bitter and twisted, retreat to my secret desert lair, and carry out a campaign of terror in which a volume of literary metacriticism is left at the scene of each crime.

    No, no, wait … #11.

  5. Didn’t the whole eating flesh drinking blood thing get the Christians into a whole lotta trouble with the Romans? They had pretty big rules about cannibalism in Rome.

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