Going Tubular in London

Boris Johnson‘s ban on open booze on London public transit has certainly brought out the best in his fellow citizens. What better way to prove that drinking on the Tube is a perfectly civilized activity and nothing that Londoners can’t handle than to Facebook a few thousand of your closest strangers and get knee-walking, vomit-comet drunk on the last night of booze-freedom?

The Guardian reports:

Police arrested 17 people and closed six London Underground stations after a party to mark the last day of legal drinking on the Tube ended in chaotic scenes.

Four train drivers and three other London Underground staff were assaulted, one police vehicle was damaged and two officers assaulted and another injured.

Witnesses said the stench of alcohol on the network was overpowering and that people were “being sick all over the place”. Drunken partygoers began fighting and vomiting as the midnight ban on drinking drew nearer.

Way to go, London! That will show them you can handle your booze.

From the BBC:

Londoner Matt Wynn, 43, a banker, said: “I’ve come along with a bottle of Champagne because I want to show that you can drink responsibly on the Tube and not cause trouble.”

But others took a different approach from the beginning.

Peter Moore, 35, a sailor from Brighton, said he had downed a can of beer in 10 seconds. “It’s sweaty on there, but I’m going round and round until I vomit,” he said…

As Saturday night wore on, eyewitnesses described how drunken partygoers began fighting and vomiting, ripping up maps and adverts, spilling alcohol and leaving debris.

British Transport Police said there was a “large amount” of instances of disorder reported.Liverpool Street underground station was closed to ease overcrowding for several hours. Other Tube stations closed by police were Euston, Euston Square, Aldgate, Gloucester Road and Baker Street.

Let’s go to YouTube for a closer look at what really happened, shall we?

remind you of anything?

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14 thoughts on “Going Tubular in London

  1. Second video should be available. I just watched it:

    And the first you have to watch all the way through, to the going-ape part.

    Well, Washington doesn’t know what to do with a woman who can eat a banana the way Fawn Hall can.

  2. You Tube is banned by this area. So I can’t view it now on your blog. And thanks for helping about my blog thing on the forum. :) xx

  3. Apart from the smoking I didn’t see anything wrong there, just people in high spirits having fun. A few people caused some serious problems and hopefully they’re in a police cell right now, but remember out of thousands on the tube very few people caused any trouble.

    Of course it’s going to be lively and noisy but most people were just there to enjoy themselves and sing about our new mayor.

    The ban will do nothing, troublemakers will get drunk before boarding or will flout the ban, the only ones disadvantaged will be those who are more responsible.

    To be fair I never usually drink on the tube, I just hate the extension of the nanny state and would hate to see this ban extended to intercity trains – 3 or more hours on a train heading north, a few beers makes the journey go quicker.

  4. You’re welcome.

    The first video is a bunch of drunks banging on the walls and ceiling of the train car they’re in, trying to break it. It was shot last night at the Tube drunk-in.

    The second is the video of the monkey smashing things with the bone from 2001, A Space Odyssey.

  5. But Dave, the troublemakers are ALREADY drunk…they will simply vomit or pass out before getting on transit. Seventeen arrests, ten assaults, including three on police officers…this seems to indicate a problem.

    I agree that most people didn’t cause any trouble, apart from their sheer numbers interfering with things, but the fact is that London has a shockingly high tolerance for incapacitating public drunkenness. You can’t pretend it’s all tourists; it is part of the culture.

    As an anarchist I loathe the nanny state, but as an intelligent human being I see no reason for taxpayer money to be spent to provide places in which to get annoyingly shitfaced. Surely these people have pubs or cardboard boxes in back alleys in which they can get blotto? Becoming intoxicated on the people’s property is not a right…you can BE intoxicated there, because the public roads and so on are often between the pub and the cardboard box or what-have-you.

    But having traveled on public transit in places where drinking was allowed and in places where it is not, I can tell you that the latter is FAR more pleasant, safer, and far more likely to be on time. There are just fewer disruptions. And that’s what public transit is about; getting from A to B efficiently. That’s what it’s for. As long as it meets that standard safely anything extra is frills.

  6. One of your best ever posts Raincoaster!
    I’d have more respect for those high-spirited individuals if they protested against the London congestion-tax zone.

  7. Thanks!

    I agree; they’ll go out to get drunk, but they won’t leave the house to change the world. I’ve nothing against huge mobs of high-spirited people, and I think the photo at the top is absolutely delightful. But I’m very anti-yob, and I don’t care HOW old they are. A yob is a yob, and it is absolutely voluntary. These people chose to become apes.

  8. I un-spammed you. Akismet is touchy lately with people who leave links.

    But Blogspot appears to be broken at the moment, so I’ll have to see it later.

  9. Thanks Raincoaster, blogspot is always going down, faster than the £, lately.

    How about another gorgeous picture of that lake that’s pretty much in your back yard? I can’t remember the thread. Beautiful that was.

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