quiz: which WordPress.com forum volunteer are you?

TIA, yoAnother installment in the continuing adventures of  Operation Global Media Domination. I shall try not to let it go to my head.

I shall fail.

It’s time to play INSIDE BASEBALL!

Juan and sulz have been threatening us with something radical for some time now and while the smart money seemed to be on new CSS skins, it looks like they went in a completely unexpected direction, cooking up some quizzes that are hilariously revealing and very, very inside. Don’t worry if you don’t get them; it just means you have a life outside an open source technical help forum; there are worse fates.

Guess who I am?

Which WordPress.com Forum Volunteer Are You?

You are raincoaster!
You know quite a lot, and try to help as many with as little effort as possible, which may come across as curt. You would lengthen your replies considerably if you smell a forum fight, though, ‘cos it’s good for hits.

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Okay, this next one’s a bit off, but only because none of the moderators are snarky (except I have known Andy and Matt to get their backs up from time to time) so I had to pick random answers. I think it just has a Canadian Detector built in:

Which WordPress.com Forum Moderator Are You?

You are Trent!
It’s a challenge keeping a cheerful tone around a forum full of fit-throwing mad users, but you manage it and that’s why everybody loves you.

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This one, however, is probably going to be my eventual fate. Tick, tick, tick. But TT‘s not going to like being left out of this.

Which WordPress.com Forum Troll Are You?

You are the anti-WordPress troll!
You drop links in your posts like it’s going out of fashion tomorrow; it does help in your argument though. You are the reason for many of the closed threads. You would be associated with famous banned users such as wank, root and drmike.

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17 thoughts on “quiz: which WordPress.com forum volunteer are you?

  1. Is there a minimum quantum of knowledge which is needed to become a forum volunteer – or would it be OK to slag off at those who don’t know something I accidentally know? And do you have to do boring stuff like staying on topic? I am an expert troll with years of Usenet experience! WordPress should count themselves lucky I am thinking of applying for the position! What is the remuneration for becoming a volunteer? Would I need to travel to Canada to take up the position? Are you sure that employing 13yo’s like me isn’t against the United Nations Charter of the Exploitation of Children?

    sgnd TROLLBAIT III Junior

  2. Dear Trollbait: no-one will email you the response. You will have to check the threads to see if someone has replied. We are too busy to leave comments on your blog and we don’t care about Club Penguin anyway. You can see all the threads you’ve soiled by clicking on the word Member beside your name; incidentally, the word “member” beside your name is at least three letters longer than your own member, to judge by your contributions to the forum.

    Welcome to WordPress!

  3. Hot Damn, rain! I’m you! Pass the deep-fried calamari (but then you’d have to rush me to the hospital cuz I’m deathly allergic to ’em)! ;)

  4. This wordpress forum thing sux! I offer to help and one person insults me and everyone else ignores me. How am I going to make money as a volunteer if no one takes any notice of me? Obviously I’ll have to put advertisements on my blog.

    sgnd TROLLBAIT III Junior

  5. Or you can go and deal with that fit-pitching n00b in the forum who thinks phone hacking is a larf. Wonder what he said when he found out I’d called the cops on him.

  6. It must have been a lot of work, is all I can say. I’ve found that if you pick “stab penguins through the heart with the bloody fang of Cthulhu” you turn out to be me every time. Funny, that.

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  8. Hi. I repeatedly be familiar with this forum. This is the head period undisputed to ask a query.
    How numberless in this forum are references progressive behind, disingenuous users?
    Can I depute all the advice that there is?

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