The only video of the American Presidential race you’ll ever need to see

Truman Capote, who knew a thing or two about the subject, once said of Marilyn Monroe that those who choose to become blonde are blonder than those who are simply born that way. Watch this video of ex-Hebridean and new American Craig Ferguson and ask if a similar principle does not apply to those who choose to become Americans:

LOVE the comment about families; I’ve been saying the same damn thing myself for decades!

7 thoughts on “The only video of the American Presidential race you’ll ever need to see

  1. I remember this guy when he was funny. They stopped him being funny by paying him enough money to suck some ass. “I like all of the candidates”. Bollocks. A few years ago he would have called them all cunts, which is slightly more accurate. Got any Scottish comedians? Send ’em to America, to have the life sucked out of them.

  2. Daisy, it is because Americans are aware of neo-conservative corruption that our comedians use this to entertain us. We laugh for a reason, right? Because we know it is truth. Every issue he brings up is nothing new. But you’d have to live in the US to know this.

    Americans have free access to any version of any story here. The question is… who is going to seek and listen. That’s the problem.

    It is ignorant to think that we have to turn on comedy to get the news.

  3. While Vicusmay well be right about Ferguson’s loss of some fangs, he still has more fangs than most American comedians about this particular issue.

    And I agree with Vicus about all four candidates – they are all cunts.
    McCain lost whatever sense and focus he gained while beaten, brutalized and manipulated in Hanoi.
    Obama wants to play polite and well-mannered when the political detritus of the last four decades calls for nothing less than intelligent rage and a call for all 300-plus million of us to get off our collective fat ass and hold our government’s and social institutions feet to the fire.
    As for Biden being Biden-y, all he’s done is make a career of sitting at the front of hearing rooms and showing how much he thinks he knows about American foriegn policy. If he knows so much, why in hell hasn’t anyone made him Secretary of State by now?
    And Mme Palin. What about Mme Palin? After two weeks of listening to her speechifying and American wholsomeness, I’ve decided that she is well and truly qualified . . . to hawk old-time religion and positive thinking and prophecies on the goddamn 700 Club.
    I agree with Vicus and Rain – politicians are best served up in a hearty sauce of ridicule to wash away all th esanctimonious bullshit. Mort Sahl and George Carlin and Will Rogers and Mark Twain and Thomas Nast and legions of cartoonists and humorists have made that method perfect legitimate and usually more of an intellectual exercise than the goddamn political party conventions and party platforms and party national committees.
    And yes, if you don’t vote then you have no goddamn moral right to complain about th enumbnuts that do make it into office.

  4. There’s little that infuriates me more than some asshat proudly, or even casually, telling me they’ve never voted. As I was just discussing with a friend, the only people who have any right to say that in North America are 15 year olds.

  5. I had a comment, but it’s turned into a post. Possibly a rant.

    Suffice to say that a friend of mine, age 38, told me last night that he’s never voted in his life.


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