quiz: what are YOU giving up to focus on the economy?

Cthulhu why vote for the lesser evil?These are trying times, my friends. Even seasoned heros are finding themselves facing unimagined and unimaginable terrors as investment bankers endure periods of joblessness lasting up to three or even four days (psyche! everybody with a bonus of over $5k keeps their jobs) and the American economy craters.

In times like these, sacrifices must be made! One must prioritize! Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!

John McCain is giving up meeting Bono and going on Letterman.

What great and terrible sacrifices will you make? Responses in the comments section, and pass the meme along in a post (with attribution) if you so desire.

Me? I’m giving up laundry. And paying attention to John McCain.

17 thoughts on “quiz: what are YOU giving up to focus on the economy?

  1. Wish I could give up laundry, but if I don’t do some soon, I’ll have to go naked. That wouldn’t bother me, except it’s a little too cold to walk the dog naked. And I would probably scare people. I think I’ll give up washing dishes and just use paper plates.

  2. I am giving up on watching/following media that immobilizes people with fear and doesn’t empower them to take personal responsibility for their own success and happiness.

    Or is that too lofty a goal? :)

  3. Your Grace

    Why not give up paying taxes

    Vote Cthulu

    & Paris, the next Vice-President

    Yr Grace’s obedt servt etc

    G E

  4. I live in Canuckistan and don’t make enough to pay taxes. But I will hereby promise to give up paying American taxes if you, too, will swear to give up paying American taxes. I think we could start a real movement.

  5. Silverstar####– How do you wash your paper plates?

    Shane– What? Personal responsibility? Naw. The Socialists will take care of you. Join a Union, you’ll see. They’ll pay you back for all the income you lose when they force you to go on strike, too! =)

  6. I thought about giving up beer, but every time read something about this economic mess everything goes hazy and I come to at the checkout in the local liquor store… come to think of it, I better go hit the fridge…

  7. … I think I may turn socialist just because of that, Boulevard has gotten quite expensive. I nearly depleted my entire stash playing “Drink every time Obama or McCain says one of their over-played catch phrases” tonight.

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