I must warn you…


I must warn you that I’m going on about forty-five minutes of sleep since two days ago, have consumed nothing but caffeinated beverages, a turkey sandwich, two oranges and a bag of chocolate chip cookies today, and have another blog post to do over at Ayyyy before I crash, so this could get weird.
Oh yeah, and I worked on the election all day, as a polling clerk in a mobile poll. And it’s a full moon tonight, Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon.
I was absolutely crushed not to be in charge of the polling place at the city jail, but oh well, you can’t have everything! How would you keep it fresh? Polling at two assisted-living communities and a women’s shelter were interesting enough to fill the day. It’s not every day you meet a fellow who was in the Normandy invasion (not the one in 1066, the later one, going in the other direction).
Not in the women’s shelter.

11 thoughts on “I must warn you…

  1. Well, in my poll Libby Davies slaughtered the competition, but she always does. Turnout in old folks’ homes was above average, btw, about 60%. And some of those guys had walkers and canes and stood in line for fifteen minutes! They brought their oxygen tanks!

  2. And apparently most of the young folks stayed home, which explains the Conservative gains.

    $65 million dollars per seat, Steve. Hope it was worth it.

  3. Well if you look like your little origami friend there, I am frightened. I am a little bit scared of you anyhow, what with the whole domination thing, and all, but good for you working the elections!

  4. I overheard two guys talking today, and they mentioned that everyone failed to mention Afghanistan in their speeches yesterday. There’s the elephant in the room that could have mobilized young people. Jack Layton, I’m looking at you.

    And thanks. Yes, I did frighten a few people yesterday, but no more than normal.

  5. I’m just about convinced that the only way to mobilize the youth vote in this country is either wait until Der Harpmeister von Calgary institutes the draft or threatens to take away their iPods.

    I suppose it’s mixed good news–we’re apparently so fat and happy that we can’t bother voting out the (possibly-tied-for) worst government we’ve had in fifteen years.

  6. I suppose it’s mixed good news–we’re apparently so fat and happy that we can’t bother voting out the (possibly-tied-for) worst government we’ve had in fifteen years.

    either that or, like the Brits, you’ve no effective opposition and just given up!

  7. Bingo! The Liberal party is a fine party with a good platform. And a horrible leader. He makes Ming look like Jack Kennedy, I’m telling you. He’s as compelling as buttermilk.

  8. Can I get an Ah-MEN!

    Dion had a solid, simple idea, and all Harper had to do to make it look foolish, complex, and painful was let him try to explain it.

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