quiz: which aphrodisiac are you?

Yes, it’s blog filler. No, we’re not proud. You should know that by now.

We ARE, however, self-promotional, so this is the perfect time to remind you all that the Crime Pays party on Monday will feature an auction of Vangroover‘s finest hotties of all sexes, plus a poetry brothel! Come on, bid! When was the last time you had a chance to win a date with a legendary (well, actually fictional) character among others? Eh? Answer me that!

You Are Wine

You are very naturally sexy and inviting. You don’t have to try too hard.

The longer people spend time with you, the more drawn in they become.

You believe that seduction shouldn’t be rushed, you like to savor every moment.

Going too fast kills the excitement. You like to indulge all of your senses.

43 thoughts on “quiz: which aphrodisiac are you?

  1. um, i think i am her^^.. or somebody like her. and yep, this is a comment filler and no, we are not proud either:)

    but i really wanted to say – that graphic on top of the page is a drop-dead cutie. you have a really nice place here.

  2. Hmm, just did the test and I’m…

    You Are Chili Peppers
    You are smokin’ hot, and you can’t help heat up everyone else around you.
    It’s not unusual for you to make people flushed and excited. You flaunt your sexuality.
    You awaken primal urges that people didn’t know they had. You bring out the inner wild animal.
    When it comes to seduction, you just go for it. You have no fear.

    Turns out I’m not a stinking, hairy, gap-toothed swineherd after all. I’m the James Brown of the swine world.

    it too funky in he’e!

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  4. I had to join in.

    I am Chocolate:
    You make people feel euphoric and dreamy. You’re very addicting.
    You definitely drive people to passion, lust, and even obsession.

    While you are quite sensual, you are also comforting.
    You sure know how to work your magic. It doesn’t take long to get someone to love you.

    Thanks, Raincoaster!

  5. Whatever happened to having 500+ people visiting your blog at one time? There is a lonely 12 on right now. :(

  6. @Sonic hahahaha, bitch!

    @Stonehead: whooooo, chili peppers! Everybody on Twitter was just asparagus, and quite disgusted about it, too!

    Beadden, awesome. I knew SOMEBODY had to be chocolate!

  7. You are vanilla
    You are incredibly sexy and sensual – yet still sweet and innocent.
    You have an exotic, mysterious vibe. You leave people wanting to know more.

    You know how to make lovers relax, calm down, and be vulnerable.
    You draw people in and make them addicted to you. You’re a lot more potent than people think.

    Quite surprised that I wasn’t wine.

  8. From now on, every one of my responses to “What Kind of ___ Are You” type blogger swill will be asparagus, just to stop this nonsense. It’s just a small stand in a larger battle. ARE YOU WITH ME?

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  10. I’m chocolate too. Which is surprising as I don’t really like chocolate!

    *reaches for another chocolate easter egg*

    It’s just one of those days!

  11. So when I came here five days later, I still found the same old post (I was actually wondering if my google reader had fragged up). And I finally took the damn quiz.

    Chilli Peppers.


  12. I’ve had many a drunk loser squeeze my ass and whisper, “Mai T(h)ai?” Trust me, it’s not fun, and I’m not even Thai. Bastards! At least get your Asians right…

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