Crime Pays: Fundraiser for the Federation of BC Writers

Cross–posted from the Shebeen Club

Who: The Federation of BC Writers and the Shebeen Club

What: a wicked good fundraiser for the Fed

When: Monday, March 16th, 6-9pm

Where: The Vancouver Police Museum, 240 East Cordova Street, Vancouver

Why: it would be criminal to miss this party!

Crime Pays film noir femme fatale

Wanted: YOU!

Come help the Fed celebrate 32 years of getting away with murder. Whether infiltrating schools, divvying up swag, or distributing subversive publications, the Federation of BC Writers has been operating unchecked in our province for decades.

Do you enjoy the vicarious thrill of rubbing shoulder pads with the Lost Literati of the Wild West, surrounded by instruments of murder and mayhem in the cosy confines of the police museum? Do you have what it takes to make your bones as a Fed member? There’s only one way to find out! Come out to the party and make us an offer we can’t refuse.

Admission: $20 minimum donation includes a drink and appetizers. Click here to register. If you won’t be attending, but would like to support the Fed, you can click the Paypal button in the sidebar to make an online donation in the amount of your choice.

Dress code: Trenchcoat and fedora, deerstalker and cape, jailhouse stripes, uniforms, Bond Villain suits or femme fatale slinkwear all optional but encouraged. Attitude absolutely mandatory.

This arresting experience will feature Western Canada’s first Poetry Brothel (five bucks buys a love poem read to you by a sexy stunner) as well as a Guys and Dolls date auction, so bring your chequebook! Our lineup of lads and lovelies will show the winning bidders the times of their lives, thanks to generous sponsorship from premier local entertainments.

Raffle prize donations, bribes, and sponsorship applications very welcome: please email lorraine.murphy at Gmail dot com. Anything related to crime or the theme of noir is particularly welcome, eg detective books, Martini glasses, etc, or anything black or white.

The Crime Pays fundraiser will be our Shebeen Club meeting for the month of March, so I hope to see everyone there, dressed fabulously and behaving infamously!

13 thoughts on “Crime Pays: Fundraiser for the Federation of BC Writers

  1. Is this supposed to be my surprise birthday party??? Sounds interesting, but I don’t think I can make it this time around!!

  2. Whoa, how often does The Sister manifest around here? She must have her birthday on Google Alert.

    There goes the surprise, dammit! Oh well, we will pour one out for you. You don’t mind if it’s something cheap, do you?

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  4. just did something really smart – rather than consulting the daytimer in my head, i looked at the real one, and darn, i’ve got something in there already. it sounds sooo cool! can i just donate a few bucks and participate virtually?

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  6. You can donate a few bucks if you like, and in the next day or so I’m putting the silent auction items up online for online bidding.

    But the very best thing you can do is tell your friends about it, so they can come. This will be a success to the extent to which it reaches out to the community.

  7. Hating the fact that I will only be there in spirit. Can’t wait to find out who you auction me off too.

    Just make sure I go for more than $10 and if not hit Raul and Tris until one of them forks up the money and starts bidding on me.

  8. No worries. I have a feeling there will be some considerable competition. It’s a group of writers, and we’re auctioning off a date with a fictional character! Welcome to Through The Looking Glass!

    (PS I know you’re spreading the news far and wide, but don’t stop! I want to totally saturate the media, because I want my friends to have a great time and go for big, big bux!)

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